About Mountain Biking Planet

Hi, my name is Peter Sawa and this is Mountain Biking Planet, my blog. I decided to start this “writing” journey more as to give a great thank you to the even greater things that mountain biking has given to me.

The overwhelming landscapes, the wellness that overall my body gained because of it, and more, much more. Right before it all began (my great mountain biking adventure that is), every once in awhile I felt this urgent need and feel to go outdoors.

It wasn’t something that made me jump off of what I was doing at the moment, but it was more like a strange feeling. A need that slowly began to grow.

I remember that exact same thing happened to me just before I started running. A few months before I decided to start doing it I remember walking to my car in the parking lot and most of the time my legs just wanted to start running. It was pretty weird, believe me.

However, and at the same time, the feeling was awesome, almost like a chill. It seemed that my body was telling my mind to start and deliver, to make an effort, making me really believe that I could it.

The funniest thing is that I was never really into sports when I was a teen. To say the truth, I was more like the chubby kid who liked to play some soccer and run from time to time, but that was it. No soccer practice on a regular basis, nor football or baseball for that matter.

As I got older, and really in contrast to most people, I started to feel the need to practice sports, more and more. Swimming, running, all that kind of stuff made my day. Then, mountain biking came.

I always loved the outdoors and nature. I love the beach, but I also love to be chilling, looking at a field, a mountain, with the open air and the horizon extending itself in front of my eyes.

It is a unique feeling of freedom and of peace at the same time, almost unexplainable. If you work in or around a city you feel that even more, believe me. Lucky those who live in the country or nearby at least.

So, I was at home, minding my own business, and then I decided. Right at that time. I knew that I needed to start riding. I knew that I wanted to start exploring the great outdoors with my mountain bike.

So, when that time comes, all kinds of doubts, uncertainty, and questions flow into your mind. What bike should I buy? What trails should I go to?

I live in California, so there are plenty of options. Still, and even so, you feel like you’re lost somehow when you decide to start something, whether a new hobby or a new sport for all that matters.

Things for me were a bit easier, to say the least. I had some help, I have to confess. My brother in law was and still is a biking junkie. Not just of mountain biking, but also of street biking.

He is not a professional rider, but he has had a bike for more than 10 years I believe, so he is pretty much experienced when it comes to all things bikes related.

So, regarding all kinds of advice about new gear, trails, even competitions, and also concerning on how and what mountain bike to select if you’re just starting, or if you’re a more experienced rider, he was the person that I reached out to.

Before anything else, I really feel I have to share something with you guys. Please just make sure to remember that mountain biking isn’t for everyone.

For all you guys out there that are not even used to riding a bike, please bear in mind that it is really important to train some before you decide to hit the road.

Use your local park area, or something similar to get around and get familiar with your bike (if you’re just starting that is). Most of the times, and if you don’t know the region or the area that you are going to ride on and explore, you could run into unexpected situations.

I’m thinking not only regarding the terrain itself, but also the bike, I mean you can also have a flat tire while riding on the city, but the chances of it happening (even if you have like a great bike) are slightly bigger when you’re facing nature trails.

When that kind of stuff happens, you really have to be prepared. The most useful thing to do as well would be to be with a team, or at least with a fellow rider during your first rides.

I know how thrilling it could show up to be to ride a bike all by yourself through the wilderness, but please, do remember, do that after you gained some miles and some experience.

And I am not even considering here the fact that riding with a team or with a bunch of friends is really fun, believe me. Sometimes it is even more fun than riding all by yourself.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.