Top 10 Best Beginner Mountain Bike in 2023

Top Best Beginner Mountain Bike available now

Looking to find the best beginner mountain bike for the best price? Searching for the best cheap mountain bike? (Considering you’re just starting out…).

Well, you’re in the right place. Just like any entry-level or beginner, and before you get to know what kind of MTB to buy it is vital to understand what this awesome sport is all about.

Normally, and that’s no secret, it is associated with riding a bike off-road. However, the fact is that it is just a bit more than that. It is a way of life, believe me.

So, without further ado, feel free and jump on with us to check out a top selection of the best beginner mountain bike currently available.


Schwinn MTB Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike, 7 Speed

Apart from the fact that there are several different colors available that you may choose from, this entry-level mountain bike is one of the best you can buy.

It is delivered with an advanced and new aluminum high-performance hydroformed tubing aluminum frame. Schwinn is for sure one of the best mountain bikes brands out there.

Furthermore, its Shimano gear-shifters are pretty straightforward to use. This is the ultimate best beginner full suspension mountain bike.

It also comes with disc brakes in front and rear. To make it all easier for you, it also comes equipped with 24 speeds. This really is a good mountain bike to start off with.

Moreover, some of you may want out-of-this-world riding comfort, therefore this Schwinn also comes equipped with rear and front adjustable suspension.

What else can you ask for? It all may sound like you are buying a professional and highly equipped Mountain Bike.

However on the downside, even if its main components are aluminum, it still weights just about 15kg.

The tires are almost thread-less (in case you planning on going somewhere gravel-sandy and dusty). Nevertheless, you get what you pay for, literally.

The bike is gorgeous and it is a great deal, after all. Most of the customers seem pretty happy with this bike. Stephen said «Took this bike out on the trails for the first time today.

I really like this bike.» Make sure to check out more customer reviews.

TOPYL 24 Inch

24 Inch Carbon Steel Mountain Bicycle,Full Suspension MTB,Portable Outdoor Mountain Bikes City Urban Commuters for Teens Adults Men and Women

If you are planning to start mountain biking, I am sure you have heard of TOPYL. Even if it all started with BMX, nowadays, they are known to be at the top when it comes to mountain bikes.

TOPYL helps you to be sure that you shall buy a quality bike.

This bike, in particular, may cost you, but it will for sure be very much worth your money. It all depends on what size would fit you best. You can check all the charts before hitting the “Buy It” button.

Unfortunately (or not…) there is only one available color, but I believe it still looks great, nonetheless.

This one is built using an aluminum frame with details and lettering’s. Even if slightly more expensive, you shall not be disappointed with those extra bucks you may have spent.

Though this bike is not made for heavy downhill rides and jumps, it will withstand all rough terrains.

In fact, that is exactly what you are looking for as you progress, therefore, this bike is worth every single penny. Certain accessories may look and feel cheap, but yet again, it is a great quality vs price option for you to start hitting the hills.

Among the best mountain bikes for beginners, this TOPYL is for sure in the Top 10.

Moongoose Mountain Bike

Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike, 8-21 Speeds, 27.5-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Frame, Disc Brakes, Multiple Colors

If you are truly a beginner, this Moongoose Mountain Bike with only a front suspension is for you.

This is what we call a hard-tail. This is perhaps the best mountain bike under 300. Even though its frame also features aluminum, it is a little bit heavier than all the others (approximately 44 pounds).

This is a top choice if you are looking for an affordable beginner mountain bike. The bars are low-rise constructed and the soft Vitesse seat, your ride will be rather comfortable, at the least.

To keep it even smoother, its front and back disc brakes will help you to have effortless stops. Yet again, you get what you pay for.

Even though it has Shimano gears and accessories, don’t you think that this mountain bike is not designed to perform in harsh terrains.

However, let’s not forget that you must start at a slow pace without putting yourself in danger. Although, when comparing to other mountain bikes, these tires, in particular, seem to deliver more grip on all surfaces than any other standard ones.

For last but not least, this is not the best mountain bike in the world ( I am guessing you may have noticed that by now), far from that. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your own level skills and surroundings.

If you are not going to jump around every day, this Huffy should do the job. A number of customers really like this bike, however, there are also some other opinions.

Even if their background isn’t totally linked to mountain biking, they have developed to become one of my favorites.

They are affordable and get the job done, in many different ways. If you care about looks (even if 5 seconds later you will be from head to toe covered in mud), this mountain bike will make you shine among all your friends.

Even if this bike, in particular, has linear pull brakes (some riders prefer them) instead of disc brakes, its aluminum frame is heat-treated, making it more durable and reliable.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail


Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike with 27.5″ Wheels, 18″/Medium, Red

This Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike is delivered with 27.5 inches of threaded wells, allowing you to have better traction altogether with Shimano accessories, in this case, for a solid and uncomplicated gear-shifting.

If you enjoy your casual weekend ride, this model, in particular, will set you back some, but your thrill will be way over it.

Although this bike is as heavy as any cheaper model mentioned above and not fully ideal, I shall remind you again that all of this is about entry level mountain bikes.

Overall, the bike looks stiff and fearful, displaying a black overall color with bright blue details.

Mongoose Black Comb Mountain Bicycle

26″ Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike, Black

On the other hand, this Mongoose is one of the most expensive Mountain Bikes on this list.  If you choose the largest model, it will cost you some, but this bike will make your favorite trail your home, no doubt about that.

Mongoose was created during the mid-70s and as many other well-known Mountain Biking brands, it all started with BMX.

Yet, the years have passed and the company continued to push all boundaries, allowing all types of riders to discover breathtaking new limits.

The Mongoose Blackcomb comes equipped with Shimano accessories, delivering quick gear changes and optimal gearing on most terrains altogether with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes; its strong rotors will allow you to have total control and stopping power in most trails.

Even if this Mongoose comes equipped with disk brakes, made to keep control on single-track rides.

If you are willing to spend a little bit more, or if you consider yourself an advanced-beginner, this violent (in a good way!) and dominant slate colored Mountain bike should be your best option.

Smayer MTB Bike

smayer Mountain Bike 21 Speed 3-Spoke 29 Inches Wheels Dual Disc Brake Aluminum Frame MTB Bicycle Urban Track Bike

In plain good English, it is all you need to get out on the trails. Moreover, this mountain bike comes further equipped with Tektro Auriga Hydraulic disc brakes, offering greatest stopping power in all terrains and in all weather conditions.

Its 100mm fork travel will also allow your ride to be fluid and velvety. I know you may be scared by now, thinking I will show you another 1K+ bike, but you are wrong.

This bike will set you a sum, but guess what, it is available in two pretty cool and standard colors – black and blue.

Raleigh Bikes have been producing bikes for 130 years. That’s already a good reason to buy one. The company even stated that “as long as we’re on two wheels, it’s all good”.

I believe that’s a really good mantra. This Mountain Bike, in particular, is known for its speed.

Moongoose Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike,17-Inch/Medium High-Tensile Steel Frame, 7-Speed, 26-inch Wheels

Let’s cut to the chase: this is one of the best hardtail Mountain Bike on this list. This Moongoose is considered to be one of the “do-it-all” range, a totally modern and up-to-date two-wheel machine.

During the beginning of this small article, I have mentioned that balance is one of the most important things to look out when riding.

This Mountain Bike is delivered with a low-slung frame which lowers the center of gravity, keeping you stable at any speed.

As expected, from the point where I expect that you will be riding pretty fast, its hydraulic disk brakes with big rotors will give you almost an endless stopping power.

Also worth the mention is its amazing and overall traction. This is really one of the best bikes to buy for beginners.

Looking for some bargain mountain bikes? This is a high-level option considering its awesome quality of construction.

Even if I prefer to lay low when riding (and in life, for all that matters), I will pretty honest here: the neon-yellow rims are pretty awesome, I must admit, that contrast with a shiny dark blue color.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike, 7 Speed

Named High Timber, this bike from Schwinn seems like one of a kind, just by its name. They can be, at some stage, but you will end up spending twice the amount of this whole bike on some pretty good disc breaks.

It is not worth it, for now.

The Schwinn High Timber is delivered with a handcrafted aluminum frame. It displays a front disc brake while at the rear it still has a pull brake. A common mistake is to think that disc brakes are the best.

As said, this is an entry-level bike, therefore, it will not withstand very hard conditions. Be careful when riding.

Otherwise, you may spend more than what you initially wanted on a bike that can be replaced after one or two years (assuming that you keep riding and that you evolve and develop). At the end of the day, the bike is close to perfection.

On a personal level, I truly like the contrasts between the black and the white. Nevertheless, and if you are not like me (and that is just fine, the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things) there is also a blue option available.

Mountain Biking is a Way of Life

For some, it may even be considered therapeutic. The truth is that you actually escape from the real world, experiencing the rides on the hills, trails, and beyond.

The bikes themselves may share some characteristics with one other.

However, they all display specifically designed features and characteristics for enhanced durability and performance. There you go, that’s your first lesson.

They are often to be ridden in very rough terrains. In addition, mountain biking is a very broad term, and I shall tell you why.

Types of riding

What I mean is that you can actually practice Cross Country, Enduro, or even Downhill (among other “riding styles”) that fall into sub-categories of the whole sport.

At some stage during your riding time, you will use certain techniques that may overlap with some other sub-categories.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, we all start somewhere. Therefore, I am sure you will not start by jumping 100ft across two canyons.

Unless you have some type of death wish. In other words, start just like anyone else, slow and steady, and don’t hurt yourself. Eventually, you will get there.

The sport will also and NOT always involve a muddy face and a broken leg. It may happen, I am not going to lie to you, that’s why you should practice and grow with the sport itself.

Personally, I don’t consider it to be a “sport” (but let’s call it that for now). My perspective is that it is rather a healthy leisure opportunity.

You just increase your muscle strength as well as burn some calories while doing it. Using the right gear you may actually even become fit or fitter than what you already are. It sure beats a treadmill, does it not?

Beyond any location:

best mountain bikes for beginners

Riding a bike in the wild is also and mostly associated with riding in remote locations. Not always, but as well. Since you are far from what we call “civilization”, there are a few MUSTs that you should learn.

Don’t worry, it is not rocket science and any YouTube video should do it for you. You must learn how to fix a flat tire, most importantly.

All bike tires are not foolproof, so it is always handy, literally, to know how to do that.

The sport may actually help you to develop some survival techniques, but that’s way too extreme due to the fact that I am here writing about entry-level information.

I will not get into riding techniques and tricks. I truly believe that you should ride just as you feel comfortable. Of course, there are certain guidelines to follow.

For example, your knees should never block your bar and turning angle. But that’s common sense, is it not? If you are driving a car, why should your knees be on your steering wheel?

Plus, gear changes can be felt on your body, so you should know what to do on the spot. You can always gather more information about wheels and gears when you buy a new wheel machine, making sure that it fits the purpose.

Tricks and tips

best mountain bikes for beginners

When it comes to tricks, you will learn as you go. Start simple and you will eventually get the courage and the adrenaline kick to do something new and slightly riskier.

Ah, I almost forgot: always test your breaks, always, just in case.

Once you start to get better and better, developing your own ride style, and I speak from my own experience, you may find yourself within a few years owning more than two bikes.

The fact is that different ones may be used for different terrains and distinct purposes. Before you think you are the grand-master of it all, get to know your new ride.

Test it along your street, get its feel and grip. That will help you once you get out there, bouncing from hill to hill.

Balance is your biggest strength when riding and that does not matter if you are just a beginner or a pro-rider. For that reason, personally, I do not like to ride with a backpack on me.

My first bike could transport water, food, and a few tools, just in case.

Obviously, when my distances started to increase, I had to purchase and ride with a small backpack on me. But let’s not drift off-topic.

A few years back, when it all started for me, it was put off due to the prices of some bicycles. I was close to starting something completely different, and that included hiking.

I thought that I could discover new places and all that, but instead of riding, I would walk. After some digging, I found out that it would be far from perfect.

Hence, I started to look for a bike that would not break my bank account. That is a common mistake for most beginners because let’s be honest, any mid-range Mountain Bike will be just fine.

Unless you are a pro-Downhiller where the probability of breaking your new gear in half increases by almost 250%. As an entry-level individual, I was not ready to spend that much.

When I started my research, I was always wondering ‘how much should I pay for a decent one? Online research helped me a lot.

After all, that’s why I am here: to help you find the best Mountain Bikes for the best price. Of course that it will include a few different models from different brands and you shall be able to make your own decisions.

Beginner Mountain bike Buying Guide

During the last couple of years, I also tested more than 10 MTBs on almost every kind of MTB trail. I especially tried those which features are ideal for people just starting out.

I checked out all the best all-terrain bikes for beginners, and I am sharing all of those results now. Think of this as the beginners’ guide to mountain biking.

After reading this I am sure you will be able to find the ultimate entry-level mountain bikes perfect for you. It is difficult to definitely state what is the absolute best mountain bike brand for beginners.

And even before that, let’s get one thing clear: you may go to your local shop and get a 150$ MTB. However, that is just like buying a Volkswagen instead of a Ferrari.

If you want to do something properly, it is better for you to invest a little bit more from the very beginning. It is better than to keep on worrying about changing parts in the short to mid-run.

Additionally, I have also decided to only include aluminum frames. You know, iron is way too heavy and I’ve heard and experienced that carbon-fiber bikes are not as durable as they say.

Therefore, no better way to go about choosing an aluminum-framed bike.

Start riding

To conclude, as per the above, these are some of the best mountain bikes for beginners out there. If you are planning to start Mountain Biking take your time and select one that better fits your budget.

It is rather overwhelming to look at so many available Mountain Bikes. Make sure to set your medium to long-term goals in regards to the sport as some bikes may set you back a few extra bucks.

You may as well consider it an investment. As in, if you buy a better entry-level Mountain Bike, you may as well not have to buy a new one for a few years.

With this guide, I basically just wanted to share about some of the best wheel machines out there. This is for you to start the outdoor biking adventure, developing those basic mountain bike skills.

After reading this you can also be sure you will be better ready to find the best budget mountain bike (well, one that fits your needs).

Takara, DiamondBack, Raleigh, these are just three of the best MTB manufacturers there is. All brands have plenty of options.

Whether you are looking for just a nice-looking bike or perhaps a more premium set of wheels, I have covered all the (greatest) options.

You will for sure be able to find reliable and good mountain bike brands for beginners.

This really the kind of ultimate mountain-bike buyers guide. You will be able to find some valuable options for the best mountain bikes for the money when starting your new riding journey.

Hope you enjoyed these bikes as much as I did.

Let’s get riding!




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