Top 5 Best Extra Wide Bicycle Seats (2023)

Top Extra Wide Bike Seats:

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a new fitness routine, only for it to be spoiled by harsh realities like pain or discomfort.

For many, this is the case when first trying out cycling as a hobby to improve their health. Because let’s be honest: many bicycle seats are uncomfortable.

The pain you experience can demotivate you and keep you from continuing your new healthy habits. The truth is, you don’t have to suffer.

You simply haven’t found the right accessories yet. And accessories such as a wide bicycle seat can make all the difference.

An oversized seat affords the comfort you require, thanks to unique padding and a bigger surface to distribute your weight.

Today, there are many brands that produce these super wide bike seat designs to make cycling more enjoyable. Our list shows you what’s on the market, so you can find your next cycling investment.

It’s worth it!

The 5 Best Extra Wide Bicycle Seats


Best Selling Extra Wide Bike Seat:

Giddy Up! Bike Seat – Oversized Comfortable Bicycle Saddle – Extra Wide Replacement Universal Fit Indoor Outdoor Padded Memory Foam

Asani Bike Seat

Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Most Comfortable Replacement Bicycle Saddle for Cycling | Universal Fit for Outdoor Exercise Bikes & Indoor Spin Bikes | Wide Soft Padded Bike Saddle For Women and Men Bike Seat Replacement Bikes – Suspension Wide Soft Padded Bike Saddle

Take a seat on this Asani oversized seat and you’ll feel the difference when compared to many ordinary seats. The brand added thick padding to absorb some of the shocks when you ride.

The stuffing is firm enough to provide support, but still soft to offer you some luxury while you ride.

Even underneath the seat, there are innovative features: dual spring suspensions help to absorb shock and distribute pressure.

The cutout in the center also prevents pressure on your tailbone, so your new seat can help prevent back pain.

The brand even caters to different types of cyclists: one of their models has an elastomer spring which is suitable for indoor bikes. The stainless steel spring on the other model works for outdoor bikes.

Litetugo Oversized Bike Seat

Most Comfortable Bike Seat – Extra Wide Oversized Bicycle Saddle with Super Thick & Soft Foam Padding and Dual Spring Shock Absorbing Design – Universal Fit for Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bikes and Beach Cruiser Bikes – Indoor Spin and Stationary Bikes – Wide Soft Padded Bike Saddle

This model from Litetugo isn’t the widest on our list, but what adds to its efficiency is the unique gel padding.

The extra-wide and oversized seat with soft foam padding can give even larger cyclists enough support to ensure a comfortable ride.

The brand made it easy to use wherever you need it: you can attach this wide bike saddle to indoor or outdoor bikes.

Despite its smaller size in comparison to other models listed here, you can try it even if you have a super wide ass. It can work for almost anyone.

The attractive features extend to more than the comfortable surface. You’re even kept dry during long, hot rides since the fabric is breathable.

The material is stretchable, so it won’t show wear and tear quickly. You’re making a long-term investment when you try these wide bike seats.

YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Comfortable Replacement Bike Saddle Memory Foam Soft Bike Saddle Waterproof Universal Fit Bicycle Seat for Women Men

It’s worth trying something innovative to prevent a painful ride. This unique shape seat is designed to provide a comfortable fit around your body, but without limiting your leg movements.

The pressure is dispersed across the entire area that’s big enough even if you have a super wide ass. If other seats don’t provide you with the support you need, try this one.

It’s also a safety feature on your bike since the brand added a reflective band on the back. Make sure you stay visible in low light conditions.

This super-wide bike seat can improve your overall cycling experience thanks to the luxurious feel of the leather.

This type of surface prevents you from sliding around on your seat so you’re more comfortable and use less energy to stay in control of your bike.

Your purchase includes mounting tools and the universal fit works with almost any bike on today’s market.

Bikeroo Bicycle Seat


Oversized Comfort Bike Seat – Most Comfortable Bicycle Saddle – Universal Fit for Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bikes

This extra wide bicycle seat comes with a long list of impressive features but still has an affordable price tag. So, if you’re shopping on a budget you can still get quality wide bicycle saddles.

The selling point of this model is that you get a non-slip surface which makes for easy peddling and better balance. Non-slip also means less friction, so your extra-wide bike seat won’t quickly wear out.

In addition, it’s waterproof. If you ride in the rain this seat won’t get damaged, so you’re making a long-term investment.

This seat is designed to protect your buttocks as well as your hips. You’ll experience less pain thanks to the cutouts and soft seating.

The cutout as well as the unique foam in the cushion will allow for air circulation. We love the waterproof tail light which enhances your safety on the road.

Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat

Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat, Comfortable Bike Seat – Universal Replacement Bicycle Saddle – Waterproof Leather Bicycle Seat with Extra Padded Memory Foam

Here’s another all-around winner in the wide bicycle saddles category. This bike seat provides a large, comfortable surface with high-density foam.

It supports your hips too, so there’s less pressure on other areas of your body like your spine.

Other features that will enhance your riding experience include the quality shock absorbers.

You’ll also appreciate the channel in the center which provides some ventilation. That’s ideal for long rides in hot conditions.

Extra Pick

Bikeroo Comfortable Bike Seat

Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat

Tips on Finding the Best Extra Wide Bicycle Seat

We showed you a range of options but you still need to determine which one is ideal for you. This is how you do it.

Start by Considering YOU

You have a unique build and you must pick from the wide bike saddles list according to your personal preferences.

If you know the pressure on your tailbone is your biggest concern, make sure your new wide bicycle seat has a cut-out to prevent pressure in this area.

Also, consider your size and make sure you pick an extra-wide exercise bike seat that will support you entirely.

Some cyclists prefer more ventilation, which will make wide bicycle seats with breathable fabric or channels the best investments. Make a list of your priorities before you start.

What is it Made of?

For a comfortable ride, a lot depends on the materials used inside and on the outside of your seat. Don’t go for a seat that’s too soft.

It may feel comfortable to start with, but it won’t give you the support you need after you’ve been on the road for a while. A higher density foam provides comfort as well as support.

On the outside, you need a substance that will last long, even if it endures a lot of friction during long rides.

Since you can’t predict the weather, pick a waterproof cover so a rainstorm won’t ruin your new seat. Waterproof features also mean sweat won’t damage your bike gear.

Think About the Structure and Design

The wide surface of an extra-wide bicycle seat is the first important aspect.

This supports your hips and ensures pressure is dispersed across a wider area, relieving tension on your spine & buttocks.

But the surface is only the first aspect to consider. Also, research the structure such as the suspension.

With the right shock absorbing features you’ll experience less back pain.

Last Tip: Consider Your Outfit

There are many factors that determine how comfortable you’ll feel during a ride.

While an extra-wide bicycle seat is one of the best investments you’ll ever make for cycling, don’t forget to purchase padded clothing too.

Without the right outfit, you may still feel discomfort during a ride, but you can’t blame your seat for that anymore.

Invest in all the right accessories and you’ll enjoy this healthy hobby for a long time!

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