Top 5 Best Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bikers looking to purchase a pair of the best flat pedal shoes for their biking are in luck. We know all too well the hassle involved with picking the right shoe brand, let alone the perfect fit.

And the many types of mountain bike flat pedal shoes available on the market don’t make your selection process any easier.

But don’t fret. We’ve decided to give you a round-up of the five best flat pedal mountain bike shoes on the market.

After going through this list plus the included buyer’s guide we’re certain you’ll know which pair to pick.

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O’Neal MTB Schuhe Pinned Mountain Bike Shoes

O’Neal Pinned SPD Pedal Fahrrad Schuhe Sneaker MTB BMX DH FR All Mountain Bike Downhill Sport

For mountain biking shoes, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. O’Neal understands this and made sure these flat pedals are not only comfortable but light.

Peddling has never been easier because this model is designed to offer you a balance between stability and flexibility. This is thanks to the rubber sole which will give you that much needed grip.

The general construction of the shoe is solid. You can expect comfort as well as maximum efficiency when wearing these flat pedals.

The traditional lace-up design will ensure that you get a tight and secure fit. Your feet are adequately protected during biking thanks to the reinforced toe cap.

Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Men’s Freerider MTB Bike Shoes

Stylish bikers will find the suede leather upper on this model attractive. But the material isn’t solely for aesthetics purposes because it’s also designed to ensure the shoes’ durability.

In addition, the same material will also provide your feet with ample support needed during biking.

The last thing you need is hot and sweaty feet during your outdoor adventure. That’s something you don’t have to worry about if you pick these Freerider flat pedals made with textile lining.

This material will allow for ample air flow to keep sweat at bay.

The exterior is made of a synthetic blend of material. And for a secure and comfortable fit, make use of the lace up system.

These shoes will provide your feet with maximum support thanks to the cupsole which is designed to increase the shoe structure.

A flexible biking shoe is always ideal for those harsh terrains during biking which is why the manufacturer incorporated a medium flex midsole.

The removable insole will enhance your foot’s comfort by increasing cushioning.

Muddyfox Mens Tour Trainers

Muddyfox Mens Tour 100 Mid Cycling Shoes Sport Trainers

Here is yet another pair of flat bed mountain bike shoes that ticks all the right boxes where comfort and durability are concerned.

These flat pedals are the perfect pair to pick for any outdoor adventure including cycling and hiking.

The rugged rubber outsole will provide you with the necessary traction needed to make your cycling steady and easy.

Like the other two models on our list, this pair also features a full front lace up system which allows for an easy, quick and secure fit.

But the manufacturer took it a step further by including a hook and loop tap for added secure reinforcement.

With regards to comfort, you’ll appreciate the cushioned foam insole designed for a comfortable feel.

If a shoe that provides your feet with maximum support is what you’re after, you’ll appreciate the ankle collar which is not only shaped but padded.

Say goodbye to sticky and sweaty feet thanks to the breathable materials incorporated in the construction of this pair.

Note that these shoes are small so we strongly advise that you pick a size up to ensure the perfect fit. They’re ideally suited for men, but given the stylish design we’re certain women can rock them too.

Five Ten Freerider Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Women’s Freerider Bike Shoe

Now here’s a pair of flat pedals mountain bike shoes specifically designed for women.

Made of suede upper leather, you can pick between two colour options; black & pink or grey & turquoise depending on your tastes. Either colour combination is still stylish in our opinion.

Moving on to the shoes functionality, you’ll appreciate how the material used will provide your feet with the necessary support during biking.

Because the material is rugged, you can expect your shoes to last long. The same leather upper will also protect your feet from any scrapes during your outdoor cycling adventure.

Like all Freerider mountain shoes, these flat pedals feature a cupsole which is designed to offer ample support to your feet.

Another Freerider feature present on this pair is the medium flex midsole that make the shoes flexible so you can cycle in comfort for longer.

Comfort is guaranteed with this brand thanks to the removable sole which cushions your feet during cycling.

This is the pair to pick if you plan on tackling even the most difficult of terrains thanks to the comfort levels and grip it provides.

The ankle support will provide you the necessary support that’s required for mountain biking.

Giro Tech Men’s Cycling Shoes

Giro Men’s Mountain Biking Shoes

This Giro Tech brand wraps up our best mountain bike flat pedal shoes list. If you’re not a fan of the lace up system, here’s an option for you.

These Giro Tech men’s biking shoes feature Velcro straps which you can close up for a secure a fit.

They are available in three colours namely white, black and yellow. Simply pick the colour that appeals to you the most or matches your gear.

The exterior is made of fabric which you’ll find easy to clean and the inner features textile lining which is known to increase airflow. No need to worry about sweaty feet if you pick this model.

You’ll appreciate how these shoes are reasonably priced. Mountain bikers looking for a high performance but affordable shoe will definitely appreciate this brand.

Why Flat Pedals?

You may have noticed that there are different types of mountain biking shoes—with the two common types being flat pedals and clipless shoes.

In our opinion, flat pedals are the ideal type to pick because they make it easy to dismount from your bike. And many bikers agree which is why they’re the most popular—especially among beginners and casual riders.

How Important is the Sole?

The value of any of the best mountain bike shoes lies in the sole. The sole determines the stability, performance and traction of the shoe.

No matter what brand you pick, make sure it’s suited for the type of biking you want to do.

For competitive cycling and tough terrain you want a stiff sole that’s designed to provide you with enough power transfer. A medium flex sole is suitable for casual cycling to ensure comfort.

Protection is Key

Given the nature of the sport—and terrains—you want a shoe that will provide you with ample protection. This is largely dependent on the materials used in the shoes’ construction.

Getting scrapes is common in mountain biking so opt for shoes with a solid design that will protect your feet.

Are You Ready to Buy?

By now we’re certain you’ve decided which pair to buy. Make sure that it provides your feet with the necessary comfort, protection and support.

A high quality shoe always gives you value for money. Not only will it ensure a comfortable biking experience, but it will also last longer. With that said, which pair will you try?


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