The Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

When you think about the best full-face bike helmet you may consider that those are only for professional competitors. However, riding on rough terrain with your mountain bike is really a daunting sport. Now add downhill racing and you’ll be traveling at high speeds which increases the risk of injury if you fall…


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Demon United Podium
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O'Neal 0623-065
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Best Full Face Bike Helmets:


Reviews of the Top-Tier Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

How do you make sure you’re prepared and safe to optimally enjoy your ride? That’s when you acquire the best full face mountain bike helmets and we’re going to help you pick the ideal one.

The market provides many options of best full face mountain bike helmets so you don’t have to settle for less than perfect: Find the one that’s ultra comfortable while you get the necessary protection this sport requires. Safe riding everyone!

Discovering the Best Mountain Biking Helmet: the Top Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets


Bell? Giro Hex? Demon? Race Helmet? Discover why you need to own the best MTB Full Face Helmet

full face mountain bike helmet

The top full face mountain bike helmets offer you enough protection across your face, they’re impact tested and they can even have washable linings. This is important since they’re bound to become mud splattered.

You want one that’s certified as safe and offer enough size options so you can get a really comfortable fit. Always remember these helmets are designed to withstand impact only once. If you’ve had a nasty fall and hit your head—and helmet—it’s time to get a new MTB helmet.

Browse through the list below and use the specifications and reviews to gauge the top full face MTB helmets you need to wear on the next off-road track.

Demon Podium

EPS foam liner conforms to your shape for superior fit. Removable, washable helmet liner.
2lbs. 2oz., 13 convenient air flow vents.
CPSC Certified.
Includes helmet bag.


The first one on our list is available in six different colors and designs so you can find one that matches your gear & personality. It looks sleek and has a movable visor. You also get a handy carry bag so it’s easy to transport.


Sizes: 5 (Junior (XSM) to XL)
The brand provides a handy sizing chart which is very accurate in determining the ideal size.

Weight: 2lb 2oz


With this helmet, you’re sure to stay comfortable during the ride because of 13 different air vents. The air flow will prevent heat from building up inside.

The brand’s other attempt at making it more comfortable is the EPS foam liner. This will adjust to the shape of your head so it fits tightly which isn’t only more comfortable but safer.

The liner is washable so you can keep your gear clean, professional and hygienic. You’re safe against impact thanks to the injection molded thermal alloy resin polycarbonate shell.

Certifications and Warrantees

This expertly designed helmet is CPSC certified.

User Reviews

Riders love this helmet not only for the look but the reasonable price. Many users comment on the comfort and how it prevented injury during dangerous falls. It’s also user friendly and easy to put on or take off. The price makes it one of the best full face mtb helmet under 100 dollars options.

‘…chin strap is easy to buckle/unbuckle…’
John Britt

‘…lightweight not too hot. Pretty amazing for the price…’

Bell BH24122 Transfer 9


This is an amended version of Bell’s Full-9 full face helmets. There are some adjustments and it will cost you a bit less, but it still has exceptional features such as a lot of padding in the back. This is for sure among the best mountain bike helmets money can buy. You can even listen to your audio tracks thanks to speaker pockets for your earbuds on the sides.


Sizes: 6 (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
Weight: 2.4lb

Features and Design:

This design enhances your comfort with the 3D formed cheekpads and XT-2 pads. There aren’t as many vents as some other designs but you have two over brow gaps. It gets a rightful spot as one of the top full-face MTB helmets.

It’s made of a composite shell which is heavier than some helmets, but still acceptably light. It has a soft lining and the design incorporates an eject feature so you or someone else can remove it quickly in emergency situations.

Certifications and Warrantees

This helmet went through strenuous testing to obtain certifications:

CPSC Bicycle
CE EN 1078
ASTM F1952
ASTM F 2032-06

User Reviews

Users love the comfortable fit and appreciate a quality helmet at an affordable price. They do have some concerns about the visor as it’s stiff and not all components are of the best quality.

‘…ultra comfortable…airflow as long as you’re moving…’
Ali Hooman

‘Visor nuts are extremely cheap plastic…’
J. Reed Tramposch

Demon Podium With Green Viper MTB Goggles


This is a unique set on this list of reviews since not all full-face mountain bike helmet sale options include stylish goggles too.


Sizes: 3 (S, M, L)
Weight: 2.2lb


It’s designed for DH, BMX and mountain bike riding. Inside the durable shell, you find a comfortable liner. The helmet has a low profile which makes it more protective than some other designs.

The helmet has 13 different vents and depending on your preferences you can use the fully adjustable visor or the included goggles.

Certifications and Warrantees

It’s CPSC certified.

User Reviews

Some users wish this design is a full face mountain bike helmet detachable chin bar option, but it’s a solid helmet. It’s still a high rated helmet because users appreciate the high end, quality feel which puts them at ease that they’re protected during a ride.

‘…feels like good quality…’
Colby Villiers

‘Surprisingly comfortable…’
Jason D.

Giro Disciple MIPS

Whether you do downhill, enduro racing or freeriding you can benefit from this helmet. It’s even designed for today’s sportsmen who want to add audiovisual experiences to their hobbies. It has built-in speaker pockets and a P.O.V. camera mount.


Sizes: 4 (XS, S, M, L)
Weight: 2.4lb


This is quite impressive with 14 vents to keep you cool and comfortable. It even channels air near your brow line. The brand sells both Fit Kit padding and provides aftermarket kits.

You can customize your helmet for optimum comfort and safety. The padding is even made from vinyl nitrile around the jaw area which helps alleviate the shock on impact. This design is made of fiberglass and the interior is plush so it won’t irritate your skin.

Certifications and Warrantees

The brand offers a 30-day return feature but only in its original condition.

User Reviews

Some users don’t like the chin strap positioning but overall they love the lightness of the helmet and it allows for great visibility.

‘…this helmet is crazy light.’
Ross Hopkins

‘…a standard plastic side release buckle would be easier.’
Paul Webster

Giro Switchblade Maroon Medium

Here you have one of the helmets you can consider using with or without the chin bar. It’s removable but the smart design means it still provides excellent protection.


Sizes: 3 (S, M, L) which can accommodate 51cm to 63cm
Weight: 2.4lb


This is quite a unique approach since you can remove the chin bar completely and customize your gear to what you feel comfortable riding in. The design incorporates the Loc Roc DH system which keeps your helmet from shifting forward and back while you ride. It also prevents accidental adjustments.

There are 20 vents to help create airflow and internal channeling optimizes it making this one of the best ventilated full face mountain bike helmet options on this list.

Certifications and Warrantees

Whether you use this helmet with or without its chin bar it has certifications with:

EN 1078

User Reviews

Users find the helmet sturdy, comfortable and cool compared to others. Small details can improve such as chin straps, but even at the elevated price consumers feel it’s worth the buy.

‘Extremely well made and offer incredible protection.’

‘…the roc loc fits great.’

Bell Super 3R MIPS Cycling

This Bell product provides riders with many options so they can customize their gear as they change terrains. Like the previous product by Giro you can take the chin bar off which is practical when going uphill and wanting some ventilation.


Sizes: 3 (S, M, L)
Weight: 2.8lb


The Bell Super 3R is another model for the sportsmen who love recording the action because the camera mount is integrated. It’s a molded polycarbonate shell and it has handy features:
Breakaway screws
Goggleguide adjustable visor

The design also helps you focus on the road because of the Float Fit feature which ensures your helmet fit doesn’t distract you. Finding the ideal fit is easy because you can use the No-Twist Tri-Glides which make the adjustment process user-friendly and quick.

Your safety is enhanced when compared to other designs thanks to the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protections System).

Certifications and Warrantees

It has CE EN1078, and CPSC Bicycle certification.

User Reviews

Around 70% of riders love this helmet with high ratings going to the secure fit and most people find it comfortably light.

Areas of concern include the low budget screws used and be prepared for a time of practice before you’ll feel comfortable fitting the chin bar in place on your own. If you have gloves on this is quite difficult.

‘…gloves makes this even more tedious. Practice, practice, practice.’
Mike Borduin

‘Well made and comfortable.’

Bell Sanction Reperation

Many riders can enjoy using this since the brand caters to younger and smaller built riders too. It’s one of the best full face MTB helmet options that work for everything from BMX to Super D and all mountain riding. The exterior design is also modern to impress the younger generation.


Sizes: 4 sizes fitting up to 23.6” (XS, S, M, L)
Weight: 3.3lb


You get a hand laminated fiberglass shell. On the front, you have an adjustable visor. Just note that this is a heavier model than some others here.

You’re kept cool with a total of 15 vents.

Certifications and Warrantees

Small riders can be safe too since this design which caters for kids as young as six years old is CE EN1078, CPSC Bicycle certified.

User Reviews

This is a favorite option for over 60% of people who try it. It’s focused on younger riders so people with large heads don’t always get an ideal fit. It’s a great option for children since this design suffices for mountain biking, quad bikes, and other sports. This is a practical option they can use everywhere while they decide which sport to focus on.

‘Taken couple face plants and it still looks brand new.’

‘best value for money but even XL was too small for my head…’
Amazon Customer

Bell Servo Adult Matte

This helmet is, in my opinion, one of the best and also one of the most versatile. This brand also caters to the younger generation although only for kids 14 years and older. Note that unlike most other options on this list of best full face mountain bike helmet reviews there aren’t multiple sizes to pick from.

Although marketed as an adults helmet it’s designed with teenagers in mind. They’ll love the look as well. The sleek black is aesthetically pleasing to most youngsters.


Sizes: 1 (Will fit for size 56cm – 59cm)
Weight: 2.9lb


It not only looks suave but protects you with the excessive padding and the enhanced neck roll at the back.

Certifications and Warrantees

This design is CPSC compliant so young riders can be safe while they learn the necessary skills to be pro mountain bikers.

User Reviews

Both kids and adults love this design. This makes it easy for adults to keep their children safe.

‘…wears it…without having to be told…’

‘…doesn’t interfere with my breathing much…’
Mr Jonathan

Fox Racing Rampage Chrome

Here’s a Fox full face helmet MTB aficionados love. This is a popular brand for both style and functionality. This helmet stemming from 2015 caters for a wide range of riders as there are many sizes and the innovative design incorporates improvements from many of the brand’s previous models.


Sizes: 6 (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 2XL)
Weight: 4.4lb


It’s noteworthy that over 90% of consumers report that this Fox full face helmet MTB fits as expected. That’s encouraging since many brands don’t follow standards, making it difficult for consumers to find ideal fits.

Your helmet consists of carbon inside a fiberglass shell which is extremely lightweight. The safety level increases thanks to the poured PU chin bar.

Your comfort is ensured thanks to great airflow with 11 vents but it has limited adjustment options: Only the chin strap and one removable liner. Also, note that this is a heavy helmet in comparison to others.

Certifications and Warrantees

Its certification includes EN1078 : 2012+A1:2012

User Reviews

It has a very close to perfect score with customers thanks to the design, looks, and comfort.

‘A bit heavy but comfort is top…’

‘Saved our son’s head BMX racing tonight!’
Dawn L.

Bell Transfer 9

With this design, Bell provides expert protection at an affordable price so all riders can ride in safety. It’s similar to the brand’s Full-9 design and even looks the same, but it’s made of a different substance. Bell uses its experience in the industry to customize each helmet to what mountain bikers need, such as great air flow through multiple vents.


Sizes: 7 (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, XXL)
Weight: 2.4lb


This is one of the lighter models on this list thanks to Bell using a composite material for the shell. Inside you get features you can adjust so it’s ultra comfortable such as 3D cheek pads and adjustable padding. The padding is washable so your helmet can always be clean and comfortable.

In emergencies, you’ll appreciate the Eject removal system.

Certifications and Warrantees

The list of certifications shows this helmet’s worth:
CPSC Bicycle
CE EN 1078
ASTM F1952
ASTM F2032-06sdf

User Reviews

This helmet gets a rating of over 90% from consumers. They appreciate the good quality and the comfortable fit although some say you should order one size larger than the chart suggests.

‘…super comfy, pretty good ventilation…’
Catherine Seiferth

‘crashed badly twice…head was untouched…’

YEMA Motorcycle Motocross ATV DOT Approved

Here’s an affordable best full face MTB helmet under 100 dollars and you get style and protection in the deal. Note that the brand advises you to pick one size bigger than your normal fit to ensure comfort.


Sizes: 4 (S, M, L, XL)
Weight: 2.8lb


YEMA uses an ABS shell and the brand ensures it’s aerodynamically shaped to ensure it doesn’t affect your speed negatively. The strap is also state of the art with its quick release feature. This strap is reinforced which adds to the safety level of the helmet.

Inside you get removable and washable lining. Your comfort is enhanced with its smart ventilation system.

To add to its user-friendliness this visor doesn’t require any tools to remove or install.

Certifications and Warrantees

YEMA is approved according to seven different safety standards and this helmet is DOT (Department of Transportation) certified. This makes it practical for street bike riding too so it’s a multi-purpose gear item.

User Reviews

Consumers appreciate the brand’s sizing chart which is very accurate. Almost 75% of users give this helmet full marks.

‘Used the size chart…was a perfect fit.’

‘No complaints with functionality.’
Matt Hileman

Ventura Trifecta Extreme Matte

If you love many sports you may need one of these Ventura helmets. It can be used for downhill mountain biking but the design is also practical for skateboarding and free riding.


Sizes: 2 (Adult and Youth, fitting well for heads 54cm to 62cm)


This is a lower end design with the shell made only of plastic. This is reinforced but it won’t be as effective as carbon and fiberglass units. The faceplate is made of ABS special nylon.

Why some consumers love this is because it’s a 3-in-1 design. You can quickly switch between the settings, such as removing the bottom component, if you attempt a different sport.

You’re sure to have airflow thanks to 17 air vents.

Certifications and Warrantees

The design is CSPC approved.

User Reviews

It’s not the most popular product on our list but consumers still appreciate it because it’s so light and versatile. Some do feel it’s a bit loose when the chin components are removed.

‘…without the chinguard its a loose fit…’
Chris Cheon

‘…is very light weight , its aerodynamic and looks great…’
Eduardo G.