Top Best Kids MTB Gloves (2023)

Top 5 Kids MTB Gloves

Adults aren’t the only ones who enjoy the thrill of a mountain biking, kids do too. Has your little one expressed interest in the sport?

Do what any supportive parent would do; get behind their dreams and buy them the best kids MTB gloves and the necessary equipment in the process.

While a mountain bicycle will obviously be top of the list, don’t forget to purchase the gloves. It’s easy to assume mountain bicycle gloves aren’t necessary for the youngsters.

If you think their cycling sessions aren’t as intense as yours—and don’t warrant gloves—it’s time to reconsider.

Just like you do, kids deserve to enjoy the right to ride as comfortably as possible. Are you ready to do the right thing and pick a pair of MTB gloves for your child?

Go through our top five picks. We’re certain you’ll find mountain bike gloves your child will love and make his or her mountain biking experience pure bliss.


1. ZippyRooz Kids & Toddler Bicycle Gloves

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves for Balance and Pedal Bicycles (Formerly WeeRiderz) for Ages 1-8 Years Old. 8 Designs for Boys & Girls

ZippyRooz doesn’t discriminate when it comes to designing mountain biking gloves for your little ones. They have gloves that can fit kids as young as one year old all the way up to eight.

They understand that your child is never too young to ride a mountain bike.

Your little one is likely going to be impressed with the eye catching graphics on these kid’s gloves. But aesthetics aside, these gloves are designed with your child’s comfort in mind.

They have a sizeable amount of palm padding to protect your child’s hands from impact without compromising grip.

Thanks to the wide opening and pull loops, your child will need no help wearing or removing these. Because of their versatility, they can be used for other sports including skating or rollerblading.

You’ll get value for your money.

2. Strider Kids Gloves

Strider – Adventure Riding Gloves for Hand Protection

These stunning half finger gloves will have your kids feeling like pros before even starting their mountain biking adventure.

This is thanks to the stylish black and white design that resembles most adult professional cycling gloves.

Your little one’s hands will be well protected because these gloves are padded to cushion against impact while cycling.

Plus, they’re designed to provide ample grip to keep your little one stable throughout his or her cycling experience.

You’ll appreciate how easy they are to clean up thanks to the washable materials. Make sure you follow the cleaning instructions beforehand to avoid damaging them.

These gloves are ideally suited for kids aged between four and six. The pull loops will make it easy for your child to slip in and out of them.

3. Fit Boy Cycling Gloves

Kids Junior Cycling Gloves Outdoor Sport Road Mountain Bike Monkey Bars, Fit Boy Girl Youth Age 2-10, Gel Padding Bicycle Half Finger Pair

These gloves are designed for kids aged between two and ten. If your child is still new to the mountain biking world, pick this pair that’ll provide him or her with ample protection.

The gloves are made of leather with no stitching to make them more comfortable.

The exterior is made with a stretchy lycra material which provides your little one’s fingers with the necessary flexibility while navigating the bicycle.

Adequate grip is guaranteed with this pair that features a silicon print on the palm area. It helps that the design, though simple, is attractive too.

4. Giro Kids Gloves

Giro DND Jr II Youth Bike Gloves

Chances of kids aged four years and above falling of a bicycle are highly likely. If that’s the case with your kid, pick these Giro gloves that are designed for older kids. Why?

They feature minimal padding which is necessary for ample dexterity and better grip.

But note that the manufacturer added adequate padding where it matters most—between the thumb and forefinger.

Made of synthetic leather, these gloves are designed to last long. The upper part is made of mesh which makes them breathable to keep your kid’s hands fresh and cool throughout the ride.

5. Kids Bicycle Gloves

Youth Motocross Gloves Motorcycle BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Bicycle Skeleton Cycling Kids

There’s nothing like a colourful pair of gloves to get your kid excited about their upcoming mountain bike session. Both young boys and girls are likely to be captivated by the eye-catching design.

Not only are they stylish but they’re also made using high quality materials. This MTB glove combines comfort, durability, and fit.

The elastic fabric makes it easier for your little one to move his or her hands while the breathable cloth keeps them from sweating.

These gloves are padded to allow your child to ride comfortably for longer. They can be used for different activities including hiking or camping.

Why Buy MTB Gloves?

The real question here is why not? We’ve listed a few reasons why buying your kid a pair of MTB gloves is a non-negotiable if they own a mountain bike.

Provide Grip

Adequate grip is crucial during any bicycle ride. If your kids are at it for long, their little palms are likely to get sweaty and sticky which compromises grip. Unfortunately, this often results in falls.

That’s where cycle gloves come in. They’ll provide ample grip to keep their hands clean and steady.

Protect Their Hands

Kids have delicate hands. Imagine the strain their poor hands have to go through to keep their bicycles stable and on track. MTB gloves will protect their palms from developing blisters while cycling.

Purely for Fun

Kids are easily enticed by the smallest things. While mountain bike gloves should be ideally bought for functional purposes, they’ll definitely make the ride more exciting for your little ones.

These gloves are available in different designs and colors. Pick your child’s favourite color and they’ll always be looking forward to their next bicycle ride.

What to Look for When Buying Kids MTB Gloves

We’re certain you only want the best for your children. While these gloves may appear identical—save for the different colors—keep an eye on the following features to ensure that you make the best pick.

Reflective Straps

The fun colors found on kid’s gloves aren’t merely for aesthetics. Manufacturers add reflective straps to make your child more visible while cycling. To ensure your child’s safety, pick a pair with these straps.


You can’t rule out the possibility of a fall when cycling. If your child happens to fall, they’re likely going to use their hands to stabilize themselves.

This can lead to potential skinning or scraping of their palms. Gloves with palm padding will provide them with an extra layer of protection to minimize the severity of such injuries.

Pull Loops

Kids generally like being independent. Your child may prefer to wear and remove these gloves on their own. Make the process easier for them by buying gloves that have pull loops.

These will make it easier to slide off the gloves.

Full Finger Gloves

If you live in chilly climates, consider buying full finger gloves. This design will keep your little one’s hands snug and warm throughout the bicycle ride.

Which Pair Are You Buying?

The reviews are in and it’s time to take your pick. Buy a pair that’ll make your child’s mountain biking expeditions as comfortable and pleasant as possible. That also means making sure that you buy the right fit.

Bring your child with you if you’re visiting stores in person. This way you can have your kids try them out to ascertain comfort.

If you’re buying them online, read a few customer reviews first. They’ll tell you if the gloves run a size up or down. This will help you buy the right fit.

Are you ready to go glove shopping?

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