Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves in 2023

Top 5 Mountain Bike Gloves

When you’re taking part in extreme sports or hobbies, you should have the correct gear to protect your skin, joints, and muscles from injury.

Mountain biking is particularly strenuous on the hands so to prevent blisters and cuts from occurring you’ll need the best mountain bike gloves to protect them.

The correct gloves will also give you a stronger grip on your bike handles, so you won’t slip and injure yourself while riding over rocky terrain.

To help you with your purchase we’re giving you a list of our five best MTB gloves on the market. Keep reading because you may find a pair suitable for you.

1. Inbike Padded Cycling Gloves

INBIKE 5mm Gel Padded Mens Cycling Gloves Breathable & Wear Resistant

At the top of our list is the Inbike padded bike gloves suitable for heavy-duty mountain riding. Inbike gloves are made with lyca fabric which is stretchable for an ergonomic fit.

The knitted fabric is exceptionally durable, lightweight, and breathable.

Inbike gloves are reinforced with 5mm gel grips on the palms to provide extra grip and comfort when you’re holding the bike’s handles.

The gel grips provide ultimate shock absorption for times when your bike lands heavily on the ground to prevent wrist strain and hand fatigue.

The thumbs on the Inbike gloves are stitched on with terry cloth which helps riders wipe away sweat from their brow easily.

Inbike’s cuffs are adjustable so you can customize the fit of the gloves around your wrists. It’s got a low profile hook and loop cuff adjustment to prevent it from catching on low hanging tree branches or parts of your mountain bike.

2. Giro Remedy X2 Downhill Bike Gloves

Giro Remedy X2 Downhill Bike Gloves

The Giro brand makes the most stylish mountain bike gloves on the market. These Giro Remedy downhill MTB gloves are streamlined and provide a comfortable fit.

They’re lightweight and stretchable with low profile features for a professional appearance.

Giro’s Remedy X2 mountain biking gloves have a three-panel design for the palms to provide a non slip grip on the handles while you ride.

These gloves are made with synthetic leather and durable double stitching to prevent wear.

The tips of the fingers have silicone strips so you can brake and change gears quickly without the risk of them slipping.

Giro’s Remedy X2 downhill bike gloves have integrated Poron XRD heel crush pads made with 100% rubber for ultimate protection of the hands.

On the inner part of the Giro Remedy gloves, there’s wicking technology lining for moisture control which makes these gloves suitable for high temperature climates.

Giro Remedy MTB gloves are made with nylon, polyester, and spandex which are all highly breathable fabrics with a level of waterproofing.

3. Fox Racing Gloves

Fox Racing Pawtector Gloves-Red

The Fox Pawtector gloves offer the most protection because of its strong outer construction.

The back of the gloves features structured rubber paneling to shield your hands from rocks should you have an accident while riding.

These Fox gloves have the most unique appearance out of all the mountain hand gear we’ve seen. They come in a bright red design with streamlined padding and cuffs that offer you an ergonomic fit.

Fox’s Pawtector are lightweight gloves made with breathable and stretchable material for ultimate comfort & a true fit so you have more control of your steering.

For a non slip grip on your bike handles the Fox Sidewinders have silicone fingers and rubber padding for the palms.

The rubber padding is shock absorbent to prevent injury caused by extreme pressure on the hands when your bike lands on the ground heavily.

The cuffs for the Fox gloves give you secure support around the wrists and they’re compact to prevent them from catching on objects.

Since these gloves are thick they may not be suitable to use in extremely hot weather.

The Fox Pawtector gloves are made with breathable fabric but the rubber panels may retain heat and moisture. These gloves are suitable for winter use.

4. Dakine Cross X MTB Gloves

Dakine Cross-X Bike Gloves Mens

The Dakine Cross X MTB gloves are designed for heavy duty use because they come fully padded and there’s perforation around the structure to optimize ventilation.

Dakine’s Cross X MTB gloves are aesthetically pleasing for those who enjoy a streamlined design.

The gloves are black with little detail. Dakine’s Cross X outer construction is manufactured with nylon, spandex, polyester, polyurethane and rubber for breathability & a true fit.

There’s rubber padding for the back of the hands and knuckles for protection. The palms are made with AX Suede Deuce synthetic fabric to provide a non-slip grip which gives you more control of your bike when steering.

Dakine’s Cross X MTB gloves have adjustable cuffs so you can customize the fit of the gloves around the wrists.

These cuffs are fastened by a Velcro strip which means they won’t come loose when you’re riding. The cuffs are also low profile tags that won’t hook onto objects around you.

The Dakine Cross X gloves have a soft integrated interior lining that provides you with a high level of comfort. Wicking fabric lines the gloves to absorb moisture and prevent chafing when you ride.

5. Pearl Izumi MTB Gloves

Pearl Izumi – Ride Men’s Summit Gloves

Pearl Izumi MTB gloves are designed for beginner mountain bikers who simply need lightweight and breathable hand gear that fits true to the contours of their fingers & palms.

The outer parts of the gloves are made with polyester, nylon and Polyurethane which are all stretchy and durable materials.

There’s a strong rubber casing on the upper part of the gloves to protect your knuckles and the back of your hands from injury.

Pearl Izumi MTB gloves have silicone tips stitched onto the fingers to provide a non slip grip when you’re changing gears or when you apply brakes.

There’s a soft piece of fabric integrated on the thumb so you can wipe away sweat from your face easily.

The cuffs of the Pearl Izumi MTB gloves have small adjustable Velcro tabs on the sides so you can adjust the fit of the hand gear according to your wrist size.

These adjustable straps are streamlined so they won’t hook onto branches, bike handles, or your clothing while you ride.

Inside the Pearl Izumi MTB gloves is a soft lining that provides moisture control. These gloves are ideal for mountain biking in hot weather because the material isn’t too thick or heavy.

There’s enough padding around the glove to provide protection but the padding doesn’t compromise on ventilation. The material itself is slightly perforated to optimize airflow when you’re riding.

What’s more, is that the Pearl Izumi MTB gloves can be used for low intensity cycling as well as mounting biking.

What to Consider When Buying the Best MTB Gloves


When you’re riding up steep gradients and it’s hot outside, every part of your body may begin to sweat.

The type of material your gloves are made out of can either make the situation worse or they can allow your hands to breathe.

It’s important to select a pair of gloves that is made from breathable material so that the fabric doesn’t trap moisture inside them.

If sweat gets trapped inside your gloves, your hands will become clammy and cold which isn’t ideal if you’re riding in low temperatures.

Select a pair of mountain bike gloves that are made with fabrics that optimize airflow with ventilation either on the fingers or palm areas.


Most mountain bike gloves have integrated lining made with specialized technology that absorbs moisture and releases it through the top of the fabric.

When you purchase a pair of mountain bike gloves ensure it has wicking technology, especially if you’ll be riding in hotter climates.

Level of Protection

Since mountain biking is a form of extreme sport you must purchase a pair of gloves that have extra reinforcements and protection for the wrists, palms & fingers.

These gloves are manufactured with extra padding and hardened outer shells for more impact protection.

The cuffs typically have optimal padding and structure to alleviate strain on your wrists when you’re steering your bike. Extra padding around the wrists ensures that they don’t bend out of place if you fall which prevents injury.


Sometimes mountain biking requires you to ride through the rain or through water which can seep into the gloves and cause discomfort.

Wet gloves can cause the material to chafe against your skin which will result in blisters or cuts.

When you purchase your mountain bike gloves make sure they’re waterproof. But this can have an impact on breathability so waterproof gloves are ideal for people who live in rainy or colder climates.

How much Grip do they Have?

The level of grip gloves have will depend on the type of biking you’ll be taking part in. Most cyclist gloves have integrated leather palms or rubber components to allow a non slip grip on bike handles.

But mountain bike gloves need heavy duty grips for you to have a firm grasp on your bike.

Quality mountain bike gloves are integrated with silicone grippers on the fingers so you can change gears and brake quickly & prevent your hands from slipping off the bars.

Since you’ll be riding over heavy terrain you must buy gloves that will allow you to keep a firm grip of your bike at all times.

The Warmth they Provide

If you’re an avid mountain biker, you’ll probably ride during both winter and summer months. Winter bike gloves are slightly different because they have more insulation to keep your hands warm.

It’s not advised you wear these gloves during summer because your hands will overheat.

It’s best to have two pairs of mountain bike gloves: a pair for winter and summer.

The Structure of MTB Gloves:


There are two types of gloves on the market: fingerless gloves and full-finger hand gear. The fingerless gloves will only protect your palms, wrists and the back of the hands & are typically used for light cycling.

Full-finger gloves are designed for heavy duty bike riders that ride on dirt and gravel roads often. These gloves will protect the entire hand.

Sometimes you’ll find small perforated holes around the fingers for ventilation and silicone on the underside of your hands for grip.


As mentioned before cuffs protect your wrists when you’re riding but if they’re too tight they can cut off circulation. Ideally, you want a pair of gloves that have adjustable cuffs so you can customize the fit.


There are various types of gloves designed for running, bowling, golf, and of course cycling. All these gloves have different designs depending on the level of protection your hands need during a sport.

Mountain bike gloves have thick strong materials such as rubber, leather, or silicone on the palms for extra comfort and protection.

Upper Glove

The upper part of the glove shields the back of your hands. Manufacturers use thicker fabrics for their gloves to protect the back of your hands and sometimes the material can be waterproof.

Other types of mountain bikes have hardened plastic outer shells for extra protection if you fall.

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of the top five best mountain bike gloves help you find a pair that will be ideal for your adventures.

If you’re still unsure which pair is the best out of all five sets of gloves, we suggest the Giro’s Remedy X2 mountain biking gloves because they can be used for light cycling or heavy-duty mountain races.

I know we covered the “hardcore” section of MTB gloves, but please check out our articles on the best Women MTB gloves as well as the best MTB gloves for kids.

The Giro’s Remedy X2 gloves are lightweight and provide the ultimate protection for your hands. Giro’s Remedy X2 gloves have wicking technology for moisture control and extra padding for comfort.

The palms absorb shock to prevent strain on the hands when landing heavily on the ground.

What’s more is the Giro’s Remedy X2 MBT gloves are suitable for beginner and professional mountain bikers alike.

They can be used with any type of mountain bike because the Giro’s Remedy X2 has grip control for gears, brakes and steering.

So which mountain bike gloves will you be buying off of our list?

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