The Best Mountain Bike Pads in 2023: Buyers guide

MTB Pads Best Protection: Check out below the MTB pads to buy and wear this year

Mountain biking can be a dangerous sport without the proper precautions. For those who take mountain biking bikes seriously, whether it is for the fun of it or a marathon, they will invest in the best MTB pads they can afford.

Additionally, and if you are going mountain biking with your kids, you should and you must also buy protection for them.

Mountain biking elbow pads are worn on the elbows, as the name suggests. Knee pads are worn on the kneecap so that in case of a fall, the biker sustains minimum injuries.

Just like a helmet, pads are worn as a protective measure.


Best Mountain Bike Pads

On the list below, you’ll find the 10 best mountain bike pads available on the market. All of them are well well tested and pick based on how well they’ll protect you, how well they are made and how comfortable are they to wear.

POC Joint VPD Air Knee leg protector

POC – Joint VPD Air Knee, Mountain Biking Armor

This is for sure one of my favorite knee pads currently available. It manages to combine high tech with high-performance materials, all that to guarantee only thing: your safety and that of your knees in this case.

It is a 3D molded VPD knee protector perforated for heat and moisture control. With this, you will have full confidence while riding even after a full hard biking day.

It also includes fully flexible low friction hard shell kneecaps. The fit is superior mostly due to the Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric.

To finish off there is an elastic strap for enhanced protection and fit. One customer says that its “Build quality is fabulous, clearly a product worth the money.”

The POC Joint VPD is for sure one of the best options right here.

Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee/Shin Guard:

Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O Knee Guard Black

The Launch Pro mountain bike knee pads for sale are all about the right fit.

Fox Racing has added a silicone gripper at the back as well as elastic strapping at the top and bottom to keep the knee pad in place.

It has an ergonomic fit that is pre-curved to fit the leg perfectly.

As compared to the other top knee pads, it is still quite reasonable at $65.99-$69.99. Although the high shipping costs make it expensive for international customers anyhow.

It comes only in the color black and is fairly lightweight at 1.4 pounds. The product dimensions are 21 x 8 x 6 inches.

The best part about these knee pads is that they offer a size chart on Amazon with complete instructions on how to measure.

This gives dimensions of the thigh and calf-length in cm as well as inches, thus helping you pick the perfect size for yourself without the hassle of having to return it.

The Launch Pro Knee/Shin Pad has a hard shell knee protection made with an ergonomic, soft shell fit. The Kevlar front knee panel covers a flexible plastic knee cup.

The perforated neoprene body is made to fit your leg, which provides optimum comfort and a high degree of impact protection in the critical zone.

Not only because of the comfort but also due to its ideal fitting abilities, the knee pad stays in place so you can stay focused on the ride ahead without any distractions.

The Knee Guard is sold only by LISH, which has no warranty for the product but it does have a return policy.

The website also claims that LISH has a good reputation for manufacturing and selling the best quality and high-demand products.

They have a very approachable customer service, with the number and other information listed on the website.

While half the customers gave it 5 stars for being a good fit and staying in place, as well as the protection it provided, of course, some of them had an issue with the sizes, as one customer said: “The sizing is utterly and completely off.”

Another customer did not feel that the pads were comfortable, stating “The knee/shin guard does NOT stay snug while riding.”

Demon Hyper Knee Guards

Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads | BMX | MX | Snowboard D3O Knee Pad

If you are looking for great value for your money these Knee Guards are (in my opinion) your best choice.

This is a specifically designed ergonomic and flexible D3O pad that comes with the one and only Scott quality guarantee.

It features an abrasion-resistant front panel with reinforcement printing and it also includes a perforated neoprene construction with a stretch mesh back panel.

One review says it all: “excellent product and service”.

Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Guard:

Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O Knee Guard Black

The Pro D30 pad for knees revolves around comfort. It has moisture-wicking properties that help evaporate sweat, panels that allow for easy pedaling whilst providing comfort, and fabrics that allow for breathability.

It even has a replaceable hardshell knee cap in case the current one gets snagged.

As the name suggests, the knee guard provides D30 protection, which is shock absorbent and provides protection on impact so Fox Launch has got that covered as well.

This is a good bargain, with even lower prices if you catch it during a sale!. It comes in an attractive red color as well as black, with a weight of 1.5 pounds and product dimensions of 15 x 9 x 5 inches.

Fox Launch’s knee pad for sale is made of perforated non-toxic hypoallergenic Ariapren neoprene as it allows good airflow.

There are not many details of the fabric given on the website, but it does have moisture-wicking properties.

It is sold by Backcountry only, which has given detailed information on its return policies on Amazon.

There is a 100% return guarantee on the knee guard if it is unused with the tag still on, and the company also guarantees safe shipping of the product within 3-5 days.

The mountain bike pads reviews give it a brilliant 4.7 out of 5-star rating as 90% of customers were completely satisfied with the product and said it was “worth it”, as it provided the best mountain bike protection.

This is your go-to option if you’re looking to find the best MTB accessories around.

No Cry Knee Guard:

NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam Padding and Comfortable Gel Cushion, Strong Double Straps, and Adjustable Easy-Fix Clips

As one of the top knee pads, the NoCry Knee Pad offers a bombproof front panel for maximum protection, which is very impressive.

It has a no shock knee pad which added comfort as well as safety for the rider.

Secondly, it is a heavy-duty knee guard which indicates that it can withstand extreme stress even with frequent use.

Lastly, it has paid due notice to something the other companies have not; it is hardware free.

This eliminates any plastic which is a hard material that can be uncomfortable for the user. The NoCry Professional Knee Pads come in small, medium, and large.

Luckily, you can get a heavy discount with the Amazon Rewards Visa card. It only comes in the color black and is pretty lightweight at 1.3 pounds with dimensions of 6 x 6 x 6 inches.

As one of the top choices, it boasts proprietary foam that intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough protection – even in low-energy crashes.

It has a honeycomb structure; however, the exact fabric it is made out of is not listed.

G-Form Knee Shin Guard:

G-Form Elite Knee-Shin Guards

This mountain bike knee pad is focused on providing comfort by being lightweight and breathable, as well as fulfilling its sole purpose i.e. providing protection.

It has a compression fit, making it easier for the rider to wear it. Conveniently, it also comes in a variety of sizes.

The G-Form Shin Guard provides the best mountain bike protection, as its molecules harden on impact, thus saving the rider from injuries or impact.

The price of this mountain bike pad for knees varies, depending on whom you buy it from.

It comes in multiple colors, with no specific weight or dimensions given in the description. The product is sold by ‘Skateboards R Us’ as well as Fulfilled by Amazon.

Both sellers provide no warranty except a 30-day return guarantee from Amazon.

There has been quite a scandal lately that Amazon is rejecting returns, so do your research before buying this one.

While there is no material given from which the Shin Guard is made, the company claims that it is easily washable which is quite a plus point for those who buy it, as a shin guard is likely to get dirty once in a while.

The compression fabric has moisture-wicking properties, so you don’t have to sweat about sweating (pun intended)!

As one of the best pads out there, it got an average rating of 3.9 stars.

While it may not be the best, the mountain bike pad reviews show that most customers were satisfied with the product overall; the comfort, protection, and fitting were satisfactory for the price.

Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard:

Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard, Solid Black

Troy’s knee guard is a mountain bike knee pad for big legs. It offers the most variety in sizes so far, ranging from XS to XXL.

It even has CE EN 1621-1 certification, so you can’t be worried about the quality. The Troy Knee Guard has a hefty price tag of $115.

It comes only in the color black and weighs only 14.1 ounces with product dimensions of 17 x 11 x 6 inches.

This current iteration of mountain bike pads for knees is made of neoprene. The calf band is made of polyurethane and a back panel of mesh.

This means it allows for breathability and good airflow. The product is sold from a variety of sellers, with each offering its warranty and policies.

You can get more information about this on Amazon’s official website.

This knee guard also received a good rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Many customers were satisfied, and one even wrote: “huge step up in protection without too much-added material.”

Alpinestars Comp Pro Short Sleeve Top for BNS:

Alpinestars Comp Pro Short Sleeve Top for BNS

This is neither a knee pad nor an elbow pad, it is a short sleeve pad. It is worn around the waist, chest, and shoulders to provide added safety to the rider.

It provides the best mountain bike protection for the upper area by a good fitting of the back curve as well as the shoulders.

The Comp Pro is lightweight, with removable protection straps, but even when worn do not add too much extra weight whilst still providing good protection.

The lowest price you can get for this mountain bike pad is $84.97, although the price goes as high as $189.95.

The lowest price is quite reasonable considering the area it covers for protection.

The Comp Pro comes in two fashionable red and black colors. It weighs a good 2.15 pounds according to its size and has dimensions of 21 x 19 x 5 inches.

This mountain bike top pad features a soft chest and side padding which is reinforced with 8mm impact foam for added impact absorption and comfort.

The shoulder straps are made of mesh which is stretchable as well as breathable.

It is best worn above jersey. The Comp Pro is only sold by Chaparral Motorsports.

It offers no warranty except returns through Amazon, but it does offer buying and shipping guarantee.

The mountain bike pad reviews have rated this product only 3.9 out of 5 stars.

While most customers were pleased with the extra protection it added without being too warm or fitting uncomfortably, there were a few who complained that it was “extremely hard to put on and remove…”

Fox Head Launch Enduro Knee Pad:

Fox Head Launch Enduro Knee Pad

Yet another one of Fox racing’s top mountain bike knee pads, this knee pad runs small, so sizing up is recommended.

It has a pre-curved ergonomic fit with elastic strapping at the top as well as the bottom, with a silicone gripper so you don’t have to worry about the right fitting or comfort.

This unique knee guard is not sold in pairs.

Moreover, one knee guard weighs about 1 pound, with product dimensions of 12 x 10 x 12 inches.

The product reportedly only comes in the color black and is a mountain bike knee pad for big legs as it is available in XL size as well.

The Knee Pad is sold by multiple sellers, included Fulfilled by Amazon and a few from Virginia and California (which is currently selling it the cheapest at $55.59).

To avail warranty, you will have to contact the seller directly but most sellers follow Amazon’s original 30-day return policy.

Fox Racing’s mountain bike pads reviews gave it a 3.9 out of 5-star rating.

While 73% of the customers loved the knee pad and gave it 5 stars. One customer stated “Great fit and protection.”

However, surprisingly there were many controversial reviews where many customers claimed that the product was not good enough for protection and that the fitting was not according to the size.

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set for Biking, Riding, Cycling and Multi Sports Safety Protection: Scooter, Skateboard, Bicycle, Inline skatings

JBM has aimed at providing its clients with everything. This pack features a whole set of mountain bike knee and elbow pads that are adjustable for different knee and elbow sizes.

It comes in a size for adults as well as one for children. The mountain biking elbow pads also include gloves for wrist protection.

It is designed fashionably to make the rider look good and feel comfortable while riding.

It fulfills its job of protecting the biker by being impact resistant and is even a shock-absorbent to provide the best mountain bike protection.

The BMX comes at an EXTREMELY reasonable price of $16.99-$17.99. It is available in black and silver, weighing a mere 1.27 pounds.

Fortunately, this product is for everybody! It comes in every size, including toddlers, kids, teens, as well as featuring a mountain bike knee pad for big legs i.e. adults.

These mountain bike pads for knees and elbows are very tough and durable. They are made from PP and PE materials with polyester sleeves to allow for breathability.

This makes it suitable for Skateboarding, Scooter Roller Skate, Inline Skating Cycling, Bicycle Mountain Biking, Road Bike BMX MTB, and other extreme sports.

The JBM mountain bike pads for knee and elbows are sold by JBM International which is the sole authorized seller as well as Fulfilled by Amazon as a third-party seller.

JBM international offers a 30-day return policy for any reason, along with a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

Unfortunately, if you purchase from Fulfilled by Amazon, you will receive no warranty as it is only available with the direct buying of the product from the company.

Lastly, customer reviews – the only true thing in helping you buy a product.

With a 4.2 out of 5-star rating, most customers were quite pleased with the protection the pads provided and very happy at purchasing a superior product at such a low price.

One customer said “No knee damage at all. These pads saved the day. Get one.”

The only complaints listed were confusion in size and poor customer service.

According to some of the customers, these mountain bike pads were not for big legs after all, as the adult size was just not big enough.

There were also a few customers unhappy with the quality, complaining it tore just after a few uses.

Kneepads and all other Pads are necessary MTB protection

So you’re going to have to go with your gut on this one if you feel you need to buy it!

So that’s the list of the 10 best MTB pads you can find. Narrow it down to your budget and pick the one you like the most!

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