Best Mountain Bike Saddle (2023)

Top Mountain Bike Seats

It’s one of only a few spots on your body that will make contact with your bike. That makes it very important: A mountain bike saddle.

It may be a small item compared to the rest of your bike, but it has the potential to either make or break your next ride.

If you’re tired and sore after a ride you know this is the truth. Perhaps you’ve accepted that this is how it will always be. We’re here to tell you different!

Below you’ll find reviews on some of the best options modern brands designed with the help of the latest technology.

Browse through and pick the best but remember to use the right guidelines when gauging which one will be best for you. Now let’s get to it.


Respiro Soft Saddle

Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Bike Saddle – RoyalGel Cushion with Foam Matrix and Water Resistant Cool Cover Protection Bike, Hybrid and Stationary Exercise Bike

Our first option is for the men out there who often go on long rides. The brand even incorporated features that can help prevent prostate problems.

With this saddle, you get a kit that makes installation super easy such as mounting tools, an instruction video, and a seat adapter.

We also love that this brand donates some of its proceeds to charity organizations. Your ride can do even more good than giving you a healthy workout.


Size: 10.2”x 7”x 3.9”
Weight: 1.2lb
Type: Cutout


This is ergonomically designed to ensure men aren’t at risk of causing harm to their prostate and sensitive areas.

This is why Respiro created this model with center cutouts and ultra-soft padding.

The seat is also ergonomic which allows for comfort even on long rides.

The stainless steel rails at the bottom ensure your seat can support your weight without sliding or giving way.

Comfort Features

The same structural features that make this a solid MTB option also provide you with comfort.

If this one suits your build and body shape you’ll be able to spend hours on the saddle without hurting thanks to the soft stuffing.

The sturdy framework will ensure you don’t feel harsh jolts during the ride as your seat won’t budge.

User Reviews

A large percentage of consumers rate this as a quality buy. Of course, many people require a few adjustments before this works optimally, but apart from that, it’s viewed as a comfortable, durable option.

Note that some users have complained about the leather coating wearing off though.

‘…takes all the pressure off my tailbone…’

‘… best upgrade I’ve made to my bike…’

WTB Speed Comp

WTB Speed Saddle

Here’s a sleek design that will look good on any mountain bike. It’s also comfortable and can be used on a variety of bikes.


Sizes: 8”x 3”x 3”
Weight: 8.5oz
Type: Shaped with clefts


The seat is made of a dual compound soft shell base. On top, you’ll find padding inside a uniquely shaped seat that’s covered with synthetic fabric.

It has steel and titanium rails that ensure the seat won’t move under pressure.

You can customize your bike if you use this option by picking either a black or silver design.

It’s also super light compared to some others so it won’t affect the dynamics of your bike much.

Comfort Features

You can use this on almost any bike though it’s designed for recreational riding and mountain biking.

This is one of the best MTB saddles under 50 dollars options as the shape is meant to be comfortable for almost anyone.

The narrow shape means there’s a low chance of chafing and the grooves will alleviate pressure on sensitive areas.

The rails are quite long which gives you more options in terms of how you want to position your seat. Get the perfect spot for optimum performance.

User Reviews

Many users use this to upgrade from stock components on both their mountain bikes and even bikes for general use.

They appreciate the extensive cushioning inside. The aesthetics also draw some attention as most riders want their bikes to look stylish and modern, which this seat helps with.

‘…a lot more cushion than the stock seat…’
Alec Burnett

‘…quality built, sturdy, looks great…’
Drew Bolton

Anatomic MTB Saddle

Planet Bike A.R.S. Spring bike seat

This Planet Bike model is quite compatible so you can get one nifty—and stylish—seat to use on all your bikes including trek bikes and folding bikes.

It’s designed to ensure effortless installation and the kit includes an adaptor.


Sizes: 9”x 5.4”x 2.3”
Weight: 12oz
Type: Hollow design


This saddle is made of carbon which carries a long list of features that makes sense to use on your next ride:

  • Carbon can absorb shock
  • Carbon is strong
  • Carbon is smooth to the touch

All these elements add to a better journey. You’ll find it hollow with a cut-out.

Comfort Features

Firstly you benefit from the fact that the carbon component will minimize the amount of shock you receive from bouncing over uneven ground.

This won’t simply make it more comfortable but you’ll also lose less energy trying to deal with that tension in your body. That’s how a comfortable seat makes for better performance.

The channel is shaped and placed to relieve pressure in the areas men find most challenging.

It also helps with airflow and with its breathability factor, you’ll feel less hot on your next ride.

Just note that this saddle has no padding. If you’re used to a soft seat this may take longer to get used to.

User Reviews

User reviews confirm this seat’s value as people love the quality of this item. However, many comments on the fact that it’s not padded.

This means they take longer to get accustomed and some can’t get used to it at all.

Selle Royal Comfortable Saddle

Selle Royal Lookin RoyalGel Comfort Bike Saddle

This brand claims that the central channel on this seat can help you keep cool twice as long as usual.

Remember this depends on how it fits your unique form, but it’s encouraging to know there are solutions to handle long rides better.


Sizes: 14”x 9”x 3”
Weight: 1.19lb
The seats are ICS compatible


The reason this brand makes such lofty claims about keeping you cool is that Selle Royal uses Royal Vacuum technology.

Firstly this makes the seat water resistant but it also keeps the cover 25°C cooler than some other models.

The narrow seat has a central channel meant to aid ventilation and which can also relieve pressure.

The brand even helps you switch seats quickly with the integrated clip system.

Comfort Features

Of course, it’s a more comfortable option if your seat can help manage your body heat during a long trip.

The brand uses an ergonomic shape that minimizes the chances of you experiencing discomfort after a long ride.

If this feels comfy when you get on the bike, chances are you’ll still feel that way miles down the road.

The saddle has RoyalGel and is designed around a Foam Matrix open cell structure all meant to increase comfort.

User Reviews

Almost 80% of users believe you can’t do better than this saddle. The cutout design garners a lot of support as people find they don’t have to ride with uncomfortable pressure any longer.

It does tend to chafe users if they have quite large thighs though.

‘…my hunt is over…’
Jeffrey Bonacci

‘Amazingly comfortable saddle…’
T4i Scooter

WTB Rocket Race 142 Black Saddle

WTB Rocket Race Saddle

This WTB model is slightly more expensive than some others but for that extra money, you get added style with the red patches and some innovative design.

The Rocket can be used for almost any type of riding.

We think it may be slightly overpriced, but if the features fit your preferences it’s always worth it.


Size: 8” x 3”x 3”
Weight: 8oz
Type: Grooved design


This model won’t pull you off balance since it’s one of the lighter models on this list of saddles.

This is possible thanks to the Flex-Tuned shell with its microfiber cover. Nothing remarkable about the padding; it’s reasonably soft.

At the bottom, you’ll find Chromoly rails that are once again light but very sturdy.

Note that it’s shorter than some others which will affect where you may chafe.

One thing sets this saddle apart: A swooped tail. This allows you to wedge yourself against your saddle so you feel in control during the ride.

This position lock gives a rider more power so you’ll perform better.

Comfort Features

This is one of the saddles that prove each seat needs a breaking-in period. After a few initial rides, you’ll experience more comfort than on that first day.

The stuffed seat provides comfort and the swooped tail also adds to the feeling of being in control so you can relax more during the ride.

User Reviews

Riders using this saddle echoes the need for breaking it in but it’s a definite upgrade from stock components.

‘I’d recommend it to anyone…’

‘After properly adjusting…I like it better than my old one…’

Serfas Saddle

Serfas MSC-226 Reactive Gel Saddle

Serfas offers you a way of ensuring your weight gets distributed correctly. Yes, the seat you pick determines this!

Ideally, you need the pressure on your sit bones rather than sensitive tissue between them. This design makes it possible.


Size: 13”x 10”x 3”
Weight: 1.25lb
Type: Cutout/ channeled design
Options: Lycra and waterproof microfiber covers are available


This seat is formed by connecting two halves. Between these halves, you find an anatomical groove.

This groove means nothing touches the soft tissue down the middle so no pressure can lead to discomfort.

The brand uses innovative technology and a variety of substances in the design. You get several different layers that include:

  • Dual-density base to prevent your sit bones from hitting anything hard in the saddle’s framework
  • Zero friction gel in the padding
  • The cover

Comfort Features

When a brand offers you a patented ICS (Infinite Comfort System) you know it went to great lengths to create something unique.

What is one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen on a long bike trail? Numbness.

This seat counters that problem with the unique groove that prevents pressure on the neurovascular bundle.

The multiple layers provide the cushioning you need and absorb some shock.

Unfortunately, the wide seat and the groove can lead to chafing or even sensitive skin getting pinched. It’s all about how this fits you.

User Reviews

Almost 70% of riders give this seat the green light.

They love the padding and how completely different it is from anything you’ll find in stock components.

Users do criticize the aesthetics though.

‘…markings aren’t lovely, but none of that matter when it’s so practical.’

‘…delighted after a long search for one suitable for long-distance riding…’

Daway C66 Comfortable Bike Seat

Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat – DAWAY C66

You can’t go on a trail without some gear such as your maintenance kit so we thought we’d help you get the ultimate seat bag as well.

This is a durable bag with practical and even safety features.


This bag is big enough for all your essentials but what’s impressive is the safety features.

You already have reflective ridges on the exterior but the design also incorporates a tail light hanger.

You don’t have to sacrifice safety just to get the benefit of adding a bag to your bike.

In ideal circumstances, it would fit underneath your saddle without sticking out.

Depending on your saddle size this is possible which makes your bike more aerodynamic.

One drawback is that the taillight may point down instead of straight to vehicles behind you.


We all know you cram as much into your saddlebag as possible, right?

Luckily this one allows easy access with a big zippered mouth so finding what you’re looking for is easier than with some other bags.

User Reviews

Users are positive about the bag in terms of getting access to the content and the fact that they can pick sizes according to their needs.

‘…attaches fairly easily…’

‘Fit everything I needed…’

SDG Bel-Air 2.0 Ti-Alloy

SDG Bel-Air 2.0 Ti-Alloy Saddle

Here’s another style statement on our list. You can even pick one of four designs so your seat can match your bike.

Just note that you’re going to pay a bit more for this stylish asset.


Size: 12”x 9”x 3”
Weight: 8oz
Type: Unisex


For starters, you get Ti-alloy rails to give you a good foundation. There’s also a nylon base and on top, you’ll find plush PU foam.

Finally, it’s covered by a 2 piece stitched cover. It raises in the rear.

Comfort Features

If the padding suits you and you prefer simple designs to some of the more intricate ones mentioned above, this one will be your favorite.

One great thing is that it’s one of the lightest mountain bike saddles which always adds to how comfortable your ride feels.

User Reviews

The good quality gets thumbs up from most users who have tried this one.

‘… well-made saddle…’
Todd Even Churchill

‘Beautiful seat…’
Ben W Richardson

WTB Volt Race

WTB Volt Race Saddle

Aesthetics do matter for most riders and this WTB MTB is another striking seat with its colorful details on a black background.

It’s quality all around and reasonably priced, though not cheap.


Sizes available: 4
Weight: 12oz
Type: Grooved down the middle

The brand uses Cro-Moly for the rails and the shell is Flex-Tuned.

You sit on a microfiber cover and it’s all finished up with a colorful design. This is a simple but effective bike seat.

Comfort Features

The groove down the center may be exactly the small change you need to relieve some pressure on sensitive skin and nerves.

The flexible shell also enhances comfort since you won’t chafe as much.

User Reviews
This gets one of the highest ratings from users and it proves that simplicity still works for most athletes.

‘…have this saddle on all three of my bikes.’

‘Wow. What a difference…’

Terry Women’s Liberator X

Terry Women’s Liberator X Bicycle Saddle – 21027

Of course, we need to cater to women too. This one with its ergonomic features can be the best women’s mountain bike saddle for long trails.

Just note that it’s heavier than many others we feature here.


Size: 14”x 7”x 3”
Weight: 15.2oz


This seat makes an impression because of the ergonomic design which includes the shaped back panel.

This minimizes the points of contact. Secondly, there’s a larger cutaway than you’ll find on many mountain bike saddles, which here gives tailbone relief.

Women who are looking for stylish options will appreciate the Dura-Tek cover with grey details.

Below you’ll find satin steel rails that look good and make your seat sturdy.

Comfort Features

You’ll feel better the moment your tailbone experiences less pressure.

Of course the less pressure you get from your seat the longer you can comfortably ride.

Note that this is a wider type of seat which doesn’t work for everyone; it all depends on your preferences.

User Reviews

This seat impresses most women who try it, both for comfort and look.

‘Multi-hour rides are no problem…’
Jamianne Dee Gill

‘Love this saddle.’
Janet Sorenson

More to know about the mountain bike seat

mountainbike saddles

The first thing you need to know is that there is no one best option. Your body is unique – how you ride differs from others’ techniques and habits.

These aspects determine what type of seat you’ll experience as a bike saddle most comfortable, especially when you’re on the saddle for a few hours during a long ride.

Tip number one: Even the product weight matters because you know your performance gets affected by how heavy your bike is.

Of course, you need a durable one that will serve you well for a while but also consider how the design affects your body such as pressing on sensitive tissue.

This is partly why you’ll find different designs that are appropriate for men and others for women.

Your weight also plays a role in your choice so look for the best mountain bike saddle for big guys if you weigh more than the average person.

The structure must be able to hold you without buckling. The best mountain bike saddle for heavy rider products are all made with heavy-duty steel.

Tip number two: When you pick the winning one you should get your bike fitted by a professional to get it to the right position.

Changing it affects the height and you need the right angle with your handlebars for optimum comfort. Your next step is to start testing it out.

Bike Saddle 1 on 1: How to find the Top MTB Saddle

best mtb saddles

It may take some time to find that perfect one but thanks to the many brands placing new mountain bike saddles on the market continuously there will be one for you too.

Last tip: Even if you feel satisfied with your current saddle, don’t assume there’s not something better out there.

Remember, this one small change can transform your biking performance simply because you’ll be more comfortable. Happy trails everyone.

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