The Best Women’s Mountain Bike Gloves (2023)

Top 5 Women’s Mountain Bike Gloves to Buy

Whether you’re just starting out on your mountain bike or have been cycling for years, it’s important to take care of the things that steer you: your hands!

Before you hop onto your bicycle you’ll need an excellent pair of women’s mountain bike gloves to ensure your hands are well protected and stay firmly in place.

If you’re not even sure where to begin, don’t worry. To guide you in finding just the right gloves for your mountain bike expeditions we’ve compiled a list of five of the best women’s cycling gloves available.

After reading this, along with the handy tips in our buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to buy the perfect pair with confidence and hit the trail immediately!

1. DuShow Women’s Half Finger Cycling Gloves

DuShow Cycling Gloves Women Half Finger Gel Padded Bike Gloves Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Fingerless Bicycle Short Gloves

Made with polyester and spandex, these short gel-padded bike gloves are absorbent, breathable, quick-drying & wear-resistant.

With thickened anti abrasion fabric protecting the palm, the anti slip and anti shock pad design is what make these fingerless short women’s mountain bike gloves so attractive.

Ranging in size from small to extra large, adjust the tightness until it fits comfortably using the adjustable hook loop on the wrist.

Available in a beautifully designed pink or red, with a thumb terry cloth for wiping off sweat and an easily removable strip, these women’s cycling gloves are a fantastic pick.

Your hands are protected by the padding, but you still have free movement. The plus side: you’re able to multitask! Sending a quick text while on a bike break is simple because your fingers aren’t restricted.

These gloves are thin, breathable, splendid for summer, and pleasant to the touch. Don’t be too hasty when you take them off; this can be a little tricky, so slowly does it.

If you’re familiar with US sizing opt for the next size up for a faultless fit!

2. RocRide Women’s Full Finger Cycling Gloves with Gel Padded Protection

RocRide Cycling Gloves with Gel Padded Protection. Road and Mountain Biking. Full Finger with Screen Compatible Tips Men, Women and Children Sizes

If you’re looking for something ultra breathable and lightweight, this is it.

These long microfiber leather and Lycra bike gloves have been designed by riders for riders with all the right characteristics: ventilated, absorbent & durable.

They’re completely washer and dryer safe, thanks to the double stitched construction for extra reinforcement.

If your hands tend to get tired or calloused after long hours of cycling, these gloves are for you.

The sensory gel padded protection with silicon anti slip grip and shock absorbent technology enables you to keep riding & hold onto your handlebars for extended hours.

The bonus: your palms are secure with extra padding in case you fall.

These women’s gloves vary from sizes extra small to extra large and come in pink or black. The screen compatible tips for your thumb, index & middle fingers let you use your GPS or Smartphone with ease.

While these mountain bike gloves are thick yet breathable, they don’t completely keep out the cold. These gloves are easier to remove than the fingerless gloves which makes them a superb choice for Summer.

For a snug fit, adjust the gloves using an extra long flexible hook and loop straps to ensure you’re safe & ready to ride.

3.HTZPLOO Half Finger Bike Gloves with Breathable Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Pad

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves for Men Women with Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Pad,Light Weight,Nice Fit,Half Finger Biking Gloves

Comfort is key. If you need something soft and smooth, these gloves are for you.

These half-finger polyester and nylon mountain bike gloves are constructed with Lycra on the surface to increase hand flexibility & ease.

These gloves come in sizes small to extra extra large and conform to the shape of your hand resulting in a skin-tight feel.

Wearing these gloves reduces road vibration, relieves tired hands, and successfully absorbs shocks with the padding protection.

With an anti slip silicone gel on the palm, you can increase your grip and have more sensitive control of the handlebar.

For convenient removal without turning them inside out, the two tiny finger loops guide you. A terry cloth on the thumb handily wipes away excess sweat on a hot ride.

These gloves are pretty in black and pink & well padded around the edges of the palm, but with no padding in the middle.

This could be a challenge if you ride with straight handlebars. Pay attention to where you rest most of your weight—if it’s comfortable on the edge of your hand, then these gloves are meant for you!

4. QEPAE Breathable Anti-Slip Full Finger Gel Cycling Gloves

QEPAE Breathable Cycling Gloves Anti-Slip Full Finger Gel Gloves for Bicycle Riding Skiing – Gorgeous Color

In a vibrant graffiti pattern, these fun women’s gloves made from fiber, Lycra, and silicon grab your attention. The fabric is a mix of soft, breathable cloth on the back and fused velvet on the interior.

This way, your hands absorb sweat and stay dry & clean in summer, plus are warm in winter.

If you want to reduce the force from your handlebars and effectively protect your palms from nerve pain, these gloves are ultra fiber padded with an anti shock mat.

With anti slip features, these women’s bike gloves tend to wear out quicker than you’d expect, but they grip well and are a good option for their affordable price.

A nifty magic buckle lets you adjust the cuffs until the gloves have their desired fit. Available in medium to extra large, these are a brilliant option for bigger-sized hands.

Ensure you choose the correct size so your hands are locked in and fastened to your handlebars. You’ll soon be receiving many compliments as you peddle away!

5. ROVOS Women’s Light Non-Slip Full or Half Finger Gel Pad Breathable Mountain Biking Gloves

ROVOS Women’s Light Non-Slip Half Finger Gel Pad Cycling Gloves Breathable Mountain Biking Riding Gym Sport Gloves

These women’s cycling gloves are made from environmentally friendly, odorless, breathable Lycraspandex. Available in pastel colors of Columbia blue, pink, purple and rose red, they uphold the support & comfort of your hands while you sit for hours in the saddle.

With advanced gel padding on the palm, road vibrations are minimal and pressure points reduced. A soft microfiber towel on your thumb wipes off sweat from your face and sunglasses, avoiding scratches.

Pull buckles on the fingertip allows for smooth removal along with an adjustable hook and loop in the wrist. While these gloves are a bit pricier than others, they’re ideal for pain or cold protection.

These women’s mountain bike gloves sell in sizes small to extra large. Use the sizing chart measured by the circumference of your open hand to find the right fit.

Pay extra attention to the washing instructions to keep these gloves in their best color and shape.


Which Gloves are Best for You?

The choice is yours between long and short women’s cycling gloves. Consider these key features before you make your final decision:

  • Breathability: Are your hands well ventilated?
  • Comfort: You’ll be wearing these mountain bike gloves often, so make sure you like how they feel on your hands.
  • Durability: Will a pair see you through more than just one mountain bike season?
  • Protection: Are your hands safe against the elements and your handlebars?
  • Price: How much are you willing to invest in buying the finest gloves for your needs?
  • Support: Are your fingers and hands cared for while you navigate along rough cycle routes?

Sadly, no gloves last forever. But the ones you opt for need to surely and securely see you through many ups & downs on your mountain biking adventures. Which women’s mountain bike gloves will you buy?



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