How to Really Gain From Mountain Biking to Lose Weight

Are you tired of spending countless hours at the gym but not gaining sufficiently from it?

Frankly, after a point, these schedules can be somewhat monotonous and boring. In that context, you come across as a very effective option i.e. mountain biking to lose weight. Now does that strike as odd to you?

Are you wondering how to adapt mountain biking for weight loss? It hardly comes up as an option.

But what’s heartening is you can opt for mountain biking to lose weight and it also is a good workout for anyone who wants to stay fit.

You can be just starting your mountain biking journey, or you could be a long-term rider, it will always help.

But why is mountain biking a good workout?

It is mainly because you have a combination of many different exercise genres. It is not just a great outdoor sport but it also involves a comprehensive exercise regime.

This ensures all-around toning of your body. It is no doubt unconventional, but how does that matter if it works?

The Science of Mountain Biking For Faster Weight Loss

mountain biking for weight loss

First and foremost, you have to understand how riding a mountain bike to lose weight helps.

The whole science behind this exercise regimen is rather interesting.

Think of what you do if you want to lose weight in a conventional gym. You will generally follow an aerobics and cardio schedule.

Most of these are repeated in regular frequencies for best results. What if you did not have to shift from one machine to another and just follow one exercise that does all of these?

That is why you can go mountain biking for weight loss. It is one complete package that takes care of all your workout needs.

As you know, our body stores fat to break down into energy whenever required. So, this fat helps the body carry on with its activities even when the energy supplied by its normal food intake is over.

But what if this fat is not used and keeps piling up? This is exactly what happens to people dealing with weight issues.

They consume a lot more than they need. So it is very important to create a window of opportunity to burn this fat.

Not just that you also need exercise that helps accelerate your heart rate. Only, then you will be able to maximize the impact.

To most who question, if mountain biking is a good workout, this is my reason for suggesting it. It helps you burn all the excess fat or those extra annoying calories quite easily.

Exercise for mountain biking makes sure that you are putting in a lot more effort than in your conventional gym.

So are you surprised you are losing a lot more weight too? Mountain biking is such a natural fit in almost every possible way.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Through Mountain Biking?

Ok, so we now understand that mountain biking can help in calorie loss but how much? Are you wondering, ‘how many calories do I burn mountain biking’? Is it sufficient for one to chuck all other exercises?

Well, the answer will surely take mountain biking more seriously.

Though the actual amount of calories burnt may differ from person to person, even the smallest of cycling exercises can lead to really large amounts of calorie burn.

On average, a person over 190 pounds can burn close to 650 calories after mountain biking for an hour.

The weight and calories burnt are inversely proportional, but at the same time, the relative extent is quite large.

If you are a little heavier, say close to the 130 pounds mark, the calories you burn may be close to 400.

The intensity of your cycling and the average heart rate will always have a direct impact on the broad estimates.

On average, a healthy person needs to consume anywhere between 1200-1500 calories. Gender, the type of lifestyle, and other factors will help you decide the exact amount though.

However, one simple trick is to continue the schedule for a longer period. So if you are now exercising for half an hour, try mountain biking for one hour.

Just increasing the time incrementally increases the impact.

Often how fast you are riding and how long you are riding play a decisive role. They decide on the final extent of the fat that you can burn in one go.

This is because it plays a role in accelerating the heart and the pulse rate. On average, your pulse needs to be close to 50-85% of your maximum heart rate. That is the ideal situation and offers the best results.

How Is Mountain Biking Good To Lose Weight?

mountain biking exercise

I am sure that now you understand why is mountain biking a good way to lose weight. The huge calorie loss is heartening; but think about it, can you only rely on that?

If you are burning X amount of calories, you can also add it to your body that easily. Surely the solution for weight loss can’t be such a short-term one.

You have to look for an exercise schedule that you can continue for a longer period and without too much of a hassle. That is the biggest advantage of mountain biking.

It is not just about calorie loss. In many ways, it is also an exercise schedule that helps in overall body toning, and muscle built up and ensures a proper workout.

The manual for how to lose weight by mountain biking is a simple, daily workout for an indefinite period. It gradually trains your body and maximizes calorie loss.

Any sudden rise in your heart rate or irregular exercise routine can cause more harm than good for anyone. With mountain biking, I can guarantee you that is never too much of a problem.

It is a slow, steady, and continuous workout option. You can seamlessly handle the frequency, speed, and duration of your workout.

You can always question why choose mountain biking and why not regular biking.

Well, that is because the tough terrain, the well-constructed trails, and the overall tight construction of mountain biking inevitably bring in far better results.

Let’s say you know you need to cycle for about half an hour for the desired results. But you get tired after ten minutes and then wonder, why you are not losing weight.

But if you choose mountain biking instead, you are following trails, and they are inevitably 20-30 minutes long at least, if not more.

So, you do not have any option but to continue, and slowly you start developing a passion for it.

Moreover, when you follow an exercise routine willingly, it tends to bring in far better results. This is exactly why mountain biking to lose weight. It is a seamless match between pleasure, precision, and passion.

Now once you get regularity, you also start experiencing the benefits of mountain biking.

Whether you consider the frequency of your mountain biking or the duration, both increase over time.

You start losing weight a lot faster and maintain the impact for a longer duration too.

The Ambiance Helps

But riding a mountain bike to lose weight is never about the chore of losing weight alone. Exercise, they say, is never just a physical workout.

Your physical workout gives you the desired benefit only when the mental resources also support the physical effort. In simple words, your mind needs to support your physical activity.

In that context, mountain biking is indeed unique. You are out in the wild, one with Mother Nature, carefree and completely in sync with the natural forces.

That surely gives a distinct edge to your workout schedule. The fresh air, the clear sky, and the bright sunlight all work together to help you lose inches and ounces.

Moreover, it is a great view at most times. It isn’t just wonderful aesthetically but also enhances your physical well-being.

The ambiance undeniably creates a better interest in the workout. The same cycling track can be boring but mountain biking on new trails every day surely kindles a renewed interest in your health and workout schedule.

You are not burdened by the load of losing weight, but instead, it becomes an exercise to look forward to. As a result, most times you overshoot the designated time that you need to exercise for adequate calorie burn.

This is a major positive associated with this entire exercise. It helps you to get the proper benefit of the whole workout.

The scenic beauty also becomes a platform to tighten family bonds. When your exercise routine becomes a family time together, the results will surely be heartening.

Therefore, mountain biking to lose weight often becomes a reason for family bonding too. It becomes a motivation to go out in the wild riding a mountain bike to lose weight.

The time that you spend with your family also reduces fatigue. This further improves the outcome of the exercise schedule and makes the effort more long-term in nature.

Mountain Biking Reduces Stress

If you are still debating, whether is mountain biking a good way to lose weight, one reason why you must embrace it is the kind of effect it has on your stress levels.

We all know that stress is a major trigger for weight gain for many people now.

It leads to unhealthy eating habits and inadequate sleep. The hectic lifestyle, cut-throat competition at work, and day-to-day challenges increase stress levels.

That is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that you may consider mountain biking to lose weight. The cardiovascular workout cuts down stress and makes you feel better.

This is because intense exercises increase the release of chemicals like endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine.

These are all known as mood enhancers and make you feel good and happy.

This also increases the impact of the exercise. This eases the overall blood circulation and heart rate as well. You are more easily able to slip into a suitable routine with a required heart rate.

Needless to mention, this helps in improving the quality of workouts to a large extent and offers far more long-term benefits.

Given the strong involvement of your brain, you can cut out stress a lot more effectively as well.

That means you are also able to live in a more relaxed and carefree manner. Therefore, your brain is constantly engaged in helping you train properly and also enjoy the maximum benefits.

Along with the natural beauty of the mountain trails, the brain is also constantly engaged in keeping you safe amidst the lonely surroundings. That can often be the best antidote to deal with stress.

You are not worried about office politics and job targets for sometimes at least. Moreover, you can concentrate on your workout session completely.

MTB: A Versatile Exercise Module

Fun, effective, and very interesting, there are more reasons to choose a mountain bike routine to lose weight.

You have often heard how a certain type of exercise schedule may not be good for some, or some people are not comfortable with something.

However, in choosing mountain biking, you more or less deal with all these problems in one go.

The fact is mountain biking is a good way to lose weight for most who can ride a bike. It is an extremely versatile workout mode.

Young, old, adults, and children can all join the fun together. Even in terms of MTB gear, you don’t have to invest too much. The minimum that you need is a mountain bike and a helmet.

Moreover, the fun part of the exercise makes losing weight a less painful matter. If you continue mountain biking regularly, you can even forget about food restrictions.

Just maintaining a well-balanced and nutritious diet along with mountain biking can yield satisfactory results. Therefore, we can conclude that mountain biking is a comprehensive workout schedule.

You are undertaking a wide variety of exercise options for mountain biking.

That makes this whole effort more fun and effective too. You can cut down stress along with your physical health with the help of this.

So your address both your mental and physical health concerns when you opt for mountain biking to lose weight.

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